And Now, Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Laser Hair Removal

Full, somewhat personal disclosure? I have dreamed of laser hair removal for years. Or rather, I dreamed of canceling my sugar and wax subscriptions, finally saying goodbye to my shower shaving cemetery, and throwing away my large collection of oils, gels, and creams, all of which cause a kind of hairache. Laser hair removal was pretty much the only method of permanent hair removal and removal and became my own beacon of hope.
Our body hair is not something to be ashamed of (it should protect us after all!), But for me my dreams of a bald, maintenance-free bikini area were all about physical discomfort and the personal effort to tighten my current beauty routine.
Even though I honestly don't mind shaving my pits and legs - I actually find it meditative - my goat doesn't shave as much as my bikini range. I personally prefer to be 100% hairless and I have insanely sensitive skin down there. Over the years, my wax and sugar appointments have pretty much compared to what feels like medieval torture, and when I shave I always have angry ingrowths, bumps, redness, stinging, and pretty much everything in between. Trust me when I say I've asked everyone under the sun what I'm doing wrong, and no resultant suggestion has ever proven to be a pragmatic solution.
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That's how I was earlier this week in the Moy, Fincher, Chipps office in Beverly Hills, one of the best destinations for dermatology and facial plastics in the Los Angeles area and possibly the whole country. As a reporter for everything that has to do with wellness and beauty, I have already worked with his excellent employees from first-class doctors. So there was no one to whom I entrusted my sensitive (hopefully soon hairless) bikini area. I received my consultation with Jennifer Herrmann, MD, FAAD - which is a dream - and after we decided to proceed with the procedure, we started treatment and all my burning questions. As you'll learn below, laser hair removal is not a one-stop shop and requires at least five to six treatments for significant hair removal and removal. However, I couldn't have had a better and more positive experience during my first round, and I'll publish everything I've learned about laser hair removal in a user-friendly guide below. Curious to know more? Keep scrolling!
1. What is laser hair removal and how does it work?
In contrast to other hair removal methods such as waxing, shaving, plucking or sugaring, laser hair removal is a special treatment that can be used to permanently remove unwanted hair. If the right lasers, precautions, and settings are used, laser hair removal will also result in fewer skin injuries. (While the first four only temporarily strip hair and repeatedly strain the area - not ideal.)
As Herrmann explained to me during our pre-treatment consultation (an important step that is always recommended before undergoing laser hair removal!), The technique works with a specific type of laser that targets pigments or dark hair color to destroy it Hair follicles forever.
"The laser targets the pigment, light energy is converted into heat, and this heat then collaterally damages the cells that make the hair grow," says Herrmann. "These cells live very close to the pigment cells in the hair, which causes the hair to fall out without returning. Since the laser is targeting pigments, the best candidates for successful laser hair removal are those with dark hair and lighter skin the laser targets the hair color rather than a patient’s native skin color, which can cause burns. "
In addition, people with fair skin and light hair are not excellent candidates for laser hair removal because the laser cannot be pigmented or can only be insufficiently pigmented. People with dark hair and dark skin should also exercise caution, as the laser can run the risk of achieving the above-mentioned native skin pigmentation. The good news? Herrmann informed me that there are certain lasers and settings that can be used for people with a combination of dark hair and skin (talk to your professional!), And that lasers are currently being used that may remove light hair effectively can be tested and developed. Sit down!
2. Are there any risks or side effects?
The short, somewhat surprising answer? Not really. Although Herrmann's colleague Ronald Moy shared that it is possible to get a superficial burn or pigmentation from laser hair removal, this is rare and particularly unlikely if you see a reputable dermatologist. (If you're in LA, I highly recommend Moy Fincher Chipps as there are some of the best dermatologists in the industry.)
"When appropriate laser settings are used, treatments are usually very safe," Herrmann repeated to me before we started. "Some patients experience temporary redness and swelling or light pink skin or red bumps in the treatment area after treatment. However, these symptoms usually resolve on their own within one to three days." She also recommended using cool compresses to soothe the area when needed, which I found helpful immediately after the treatment. All in all, however, I was happily surprised at how painless I followed the procedure, and I was in much less pain than I usually am after bikini wax. If you consider that I was in my period when I went to Herrmann, that says something!
3. How do I prepare before treatment?
Before my treatment, I was advised to shave my bikini area (or wherever it is lasered) about 24 hours before the start of the procedure. This removes most of the surface hair, which in turn reduces the likelihood of skin burns. However, the technician can still see enough hair follicles to know where to aim the laser. If you shave just before your session, it's harder to see exactly where the follicles are growing on your skin.
Moy also noted that waxing or plucking before laser hair removal is never a good idea, and it's best to use clean, freshly washed skin without products such as lotions or oils.
4. What can I expect during the treatment?
Unlike waxing or sugaring, which can be time-consuming and painful, laser hair removal is a bit painful, yes, but you won't remember what happened so quickly. Of course it depends on which area of ​​the body you are lasered in, but in general I found the experience so much more time efficient and actually less painful. I would describe the feeling as a quick, hot rubber band snapshot.
I have a fairly high pain tolerance and got used to the pain relatively quickly, but it is important to recognize that we all have different thresholds, so experiences vary. But I found it so much more bearable than waxing - during and after my treatment.
"Usually the duration of the treatment depends on the surface being treated. Someone who wants to target hair on the upper lip can have a session of less than a minute, but someone who treats their full legs can have a session of 30 to 40 minutes. "notes Herrmann. "Before treatment, we apply topical anesthetic cream for 15-30 minutes to improve comfort. During the procedure, cooling air and / or ice packs are used to maximize comfort."
5. What should I do after my appointment and when will the results be displayed?
According to both Herrmann and Moy, care after the laser is actually incredibly minimal. If you suffer from irritating stings or redness, Herrmann recommends using a hydrocortisone cream for a few days. Moy recommends that you do not stay in the sun for the first 24 days after lasering.
As for the visible results, laser hair removal requires a little commitment, since a single session is unlikely to make much difference.
"Since the hair grows cyclically, it is important to treat an area at least five to six times in order to treat the hair in its active growth phase in a targeted manner," explained Herrmann. "The sessions are usually four to six weeks apart. Typically, six treatments are required to reduce and permanently remove at least 75% of hair growth."
6. How much does it cost?
As with many beauty treatments, you are likely to get what you pay for with laser hair removal, and prices will fluctuate depending on where you go and where you are lasered. The more ground you cover, the more you will be run over.
"You can expect to pay between $ 75 and a few hundred dollars per session," Herrmann said. "While medical spas may offer higher discounts than doctor's offices, it is safest to conduct these treatments in a doctor's office under the guidance of a doctor or his immediate medical assistant."
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