Anderson Cooper Told Ina Garten That His Son Wyatt Already Has A Better Palate Than He Does

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Most new parents and carers are familiar with a dinner made entirely from leftovers from your children. And while bites of mac & cheese and mashed vegetables don't seem like adventurous dishes, apparently this is considered a very expansive palate when you're Anderson Cooper. The TV presenter chatted with Ina Garten over a variety of topics this weekend, including his son's favorite foods, their time in quarantine and their mutual love for PB & Js.
During an episode of his show Full Circle, Anderson told Ina that his seven month old son Wyatt is already a "good eater" and that he gives him "hope" that he will be an adventurous eater when he grows up.
"I have a five-year-old palate, but apparently a seven-month-old has a much better palate," Anderson said according to PEOPLE, before naming some of Wyatt's favorite foods.
"He mostly drinks milk, but I give him oatmeal muesli in the morning," he continued. that he is. "
Anderson expressed his love for the barefoot Contessa, but admitted he didn't cook and had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for dinner the night before. But no shame, he went on, that he absolutely loved it. Who doesn't love a PB&J? Ina agreed and said that she and Jeffrey had some of the classic sandwiches while socially isolating themselves, even though she had never had one before.
"I have to say at the start of the pandemic, Jeffrey and I had that too. And I don't think I've ever had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I mean my mom never made it. And we were just like" that is great, "she shared.
Here you go! The next time you enjoy peanut butter and jelly in front of the TV, just know you are in good company!
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