Andre Drummond explains why he's decided to stay with Cavaliers

Andre Drummond was not happy that he was sold to the Cleveland Cavaliers last season.
That doesn't mean he's going to make fun of almost $ 29 million.
The Cavaliers Center announced on Tuesday that it plans to exercise the player option in the last year of the $ 127 million five-year deal he signed with the Detroit Pistons in 2016. This last year is the most lucrative with $ 28.75 million.
"Definitely be in Cleveland"
According to ESPN, Drummond announced the decision for the podcast "Le Batard & Friends STUpodity".
"Yes, it will be hard to give up, so you can rest assured that I'm still in Cleveland," said Drummond. "... I will definitely be in Cleveland."
Detroit traded Drummond for Cleveland at the close in February for Brandon Knight, John Henson and a selection from the second round. It's fair to say that he was upset after being given away to the last cavaliers.
'Trust no one'
Andre Drummond

@ AndrewDrummond
When I learn about the NBA, there are no friends or loyalty. I have given my heart and soul to the flask, and if this is to be done without a headache, it becomes even clearer to me that this is just a business! I love you Detroit ...
11:40 p.m. - February 6, 2020
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Andre Drummond

@ AndrewDrummond
"Remember son don't trust anyone" #NewProfilePic
6:42 a.m. - February 7, 2020
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He only played eight games with Cleveland before the NBA's COVID 19 shutdown took effect. So what has changed?
Nothing. He summarized his decision in his response to STUpodity. The money will be "hard to give up".
Andre Drummond is the same imposing post presence, but his skills have a different value in today's NBA. (Photo by Michael Reaves / Getty Images)
Drummond's value has shifted in the evolved NBA
The 26-year-old Drummond is still one of the most impressive forces in basketball. The three-time NBA rebound champion leads the league again this season, scoring an average of 17.8 points, 15.8 rebounds and 1.7 blocks per game.
The problem for Drummond is that the NBA has grown dramatically since signing its deal with Detroit, and its traditional post-skill set in a league that deals with small ball, shooting, and ground clearance is not nearly as valued. He doesn't find anything near $ 28.75 million on the free market.
Drummond can pursue a goal of his choice after the next season. In the meantime, he is paid.
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