Andy Samberg's time travel movie Palm Springs gets 100% Rotten Tomatoes rating

Photo credit: Hulu / Christopher Willard
By digital spy
Brooklyn nine-star and lonely island icon Andy Samberg did it again. This time his new time travel rom-com (complete with existential twist!) Received a rating of 100% on the Rotten Tomatoes evaluation aggregator website. Noise.
Palm Springs, which debuted at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, is officially certified as fresh, according to critics who described the project by director Max Barbakow and writer Andy Siara as a "perfect package".
With Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti from Black Mirror, Palm Springs takes the action "Endless Time Loop", perfected by people like Groundhog Day and Russian Doll, adds a really funny and thoughtful message and creates a whole new genre of comedy.
Credit: Hulu
Hulu and NEON, which apparently cost a whopping $ 17 million, are said to have paid for it, and critics describe Palm Springs as anything but predictable and repetitive. Unconvinced? Check out the (glowing) summary of the film below.
"I am now convinced that" Endless Time Loop "should be a separate genre, and every year we get a new film with different characters and we can only watch how they react. Instead of wiping Phil Connors and then making a final decision To improve ourselves, [in Palm Springs] we get these two lovable losers who seem to be enjoying their predicament. "
AV Club
"[Palm Springs] is a sadly rare thing: a sweet, insanely inventive, totally mainstream romantic comedy carried by inspired impulses of comic violence (some by JK Simmons as another very large-boned wedding guest that you can join in with Can choose Nyles) And in at least one way it actually improves on Groundhog Day ... "
Photo credit: Hulu / Christopher Willard
Consequence of the sound
"Palm Springs is a cry, but its wonderful twists work even better if you know so little about it ... just trust it to be a fun, high-profile Andy Samberg film and see it when it comes out ...
"[The film is] funny and charming in the right way, a light but sweet meditation on the viability of long-term relationships."
"If you've ever been in love or found the perfect partner, Palm Springs will come home. And in addition to this thematic resonance, the film is also a great thing, full of brilliant comedies set pieces. It's the perfect package. A resonant love story for that Life in the 21st century. And I can't wait to see her again. And again. And again. And again ... "
"Palm Springs is for time loop movies like Zombie Land for the undead genre: it's a disrespectful form in which previous iterations had to take themselves seriously. And somehow that frees something that felt like a chic but ironic riff in a tired genre Doing Sincere ... "
Photo credit: Hulu / Christopher Willard
"The overarching plot of Palm Springs isn't particularly new, but every scene is just cute, funny, and insane enough to feel like a little surprise ...
"You know this thrill of excitement when you are bored playing a video game against the computer and suddenly the words" A NEW CHALLENGE HAS ARRIVED "flashing on the screen? The first half of Palm Springs is essentially filling and serving this moment for you for 45 minutes straight ".
The Hollywood Reporter
"Senselessness, isolation, and the guarantee that no one will ever understand your plight may not sound like a laughing heart warmer, but it is in the hands of Barbakov and screenwriter Andy Siara."
Palm Springs premieres on Hulu on July 10. A release date in the UK has yet to be confirmed.
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