Anger as Republican lawmakers who played down pandemic jump vaccine queue

The announcement of his vaccination by Florida Senator Marco Rubio quickly caught attention on Twitter.
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A number of US Republican lawmakers who downplayed the pandemic and undermined Covid's guidelines have faced backlash online for being among the first to receive the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine.
The first people in the US received the Pfizer Covid candidate last week after the sting was finally approved for an emergency by the US Food and Drug Administration.
When those most vulnerable to the virus across the country received their shots, some US lawmakers were publicly vaccinated with the bite and exchanged evidence online.
Members of Congress from across the political spectrum, some outside the prioritization criteria, have shortened the queue for vaccines in an attempt to build public confidence and generate mixed reactions on social media.
Certain Republican senators, who have often downplayed the pandemic, in line with news from party leader Donald Trump, and disregarded social distancing and masking guidelines, have received particular criticism online.
Florida Senator Marco Rubio's announcement of his vaccination quickly caught attention on Twitter, with many pointing out that the Senator had recently taken part in a major maskless Trump rally.
“I know I looked away from the needle. And yes, I know I need a tan. But I'm so confident that the # Covid19 vaccine is safe and effective that I decided to take it myself, ”the Senator wrote on Saturday.
The post quickly garnered over 22,000 comments, many criticizing Sen Rubio for receiving the vaccine, and citing his stance on the pandemic.
South Carolina Senator and ardent Donald Trump supporter Lindsey Graham also faced the same test on Twitter after posting photos of himself receiving the shot.
“Thank god for nurses who help people in need and who know how to use a needle. Thank goodness for those who made these vaccines, ”he wrote.
“When enough of us take it, we will return to normal life. Help is on the way. "
Vice President Mike Pence responded similarly on Twitter after receiving the vaccine in Washington DC on Friday. Many criticized the government's handling of the pandemic.
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