Angry Neighbor Stops Car Parade For Kid’s Birthday

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Some people just want to control idiots.
We saw and wrote situations in which neighbors have become nuclear about the sounds made by a car. Perhaps you have experienced this type of uncontrolled anger yourself or know someone who has it. It seems to be a growing problem in this society where bored people expect cars to be quiet. This scenario happened in Texas, only this time a woman stopped a group of muscle cars and sports cars from driving past a 10-year-old's house to celebrate his birthday.
Photo credit: YouTube
According to the YouTube channel Cars Across Texas, the people in the neighborhood were largely "enthusiastic". There was one person who didn't enjoy the rumble of the rumbling V8 and they decided to step on the road to prevent them from continuing.
If the goal was to stop the noise, this angry neighbor failed miserably. Cars like a Chevy SS, a Ford Mustang GT, a C7 Corvette ZO6, a Chevy Camaro SS, etc. decided to revise their engines. There were dozens of vehicles in the parade, and one can say that many had modified exhaust systems.
Ironically, the cars would have been out of there in a few moments if the woman had only complained to her husband and allowed it, and that would have been it. Instead, she stretched the situation for a while while playing victims and yelling at her husband that one of the drivers was threatening her.
After the various drivers found that they were actually stubborn enough to stand on the road, they decided to turn around and leave the path they had come. There is no doubt that she thought she had ruined the fun of a 10 year old boy on his birthday.
But here things have changed for the aspiring heroine. She called the police to quote or arrest the drivers, but the police disagreed with the situation. The neighbors' chatter indicates that this woman had some run-ins with other people and was not that popular.
This is not the end of the story. The group of enthusiasts decided not to return to the neighborhood too long afterwards, only the news spread and even more people showed up with their performance rides.
This was not done in spite of the car enthusiasts, although they were probably enjoying the thought of resenting the neighborhood again. No, the neighbors had asked the car parade to return because they apparently strongly supported the unique birthday party. Imagine: People like cool, loud cars!
In order to make the parade so much sweeter, it was held on Mother's Day weekend, including for all mothers in the neighborhood (minus one if they have children). Some exotic cars took part, including two Lamborghini Huracans.
As proof of how much everyone was supporting the parade, not only were there more cars, but people were also there to cheer them on. It was like a parade for a small town's Independence Day.
What's even sweeter is the fact that this nice lady and her husband only put their house up for sale on YouTube just 18 hours after the video of the first incident was released. Perhaps she was ashamed of her behavior or was ashamed that her neighbors had not argued for her right to block traffic and ruin a child's birthday party - we may never find out.
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