Animal activist poses as Smithfield foods CEO on Fox Business, trashes company to oblivious Maria Bartiromo

Fox Business 'Maria Bartiromo likely believed she had an unusually transparent guest at Dennis Organ, Smithfield Foods' new CEO, Wednesday morning. But neither she nor anyone at Fox Business seemed to know that Organ was in fact animal activist Matt Johnson, who disguised criticism of Smithfield under a layer of self-described "transparency" and the relentlessly positive tone that is the hallmark of C followers everywhere.
Johnson started the interview with a pretty compelling imitation of a notable CEO, thanking the U.S. government for prioritizing food workers for COVID-19 vaccinations. But then Johnson began making some harsh criticisms of Smithfield that no self-sustaining manager would dare to mention. For example, while Johnson said the company had provided employees with "extensive" PPE and paid leave, he shot Smithfield and said, "Unfortunately, those steps were inadequate."
Johnson went on to say that "under my leadership," Smithfield would offer "transparency" and "brutal honesty," hence his subsequent wave of criticism. "Our industry poses a serious threat to effectively triggering the next pandemic," while "Pig" Agriculture is immensely damaging our air and waterways, Johnson said when Bartiromo apparently agreed and then asked about China's influence on the company .
It doesn't appear that Bartiromo or anyone at Fox Business was fully aware of the sneak attack - an article aggregated on MSN even quoted the "CEO of Smithfield Foods" and his prediction of the company's contribution to a future pandemic. But activist group Direct Action Now soon paid tribute to the show, which was meant to highlight how Smithfield and other meat packers had become coronavirus hotspots amid the pandemic.
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