Another Coronavirus Lockdown May Be On The Horizon, Centers For Disease Control Warns

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The disease control and prevention centers said on Friday that further blockage is possible if the coronavirus cases continue to increase
Deputy CDC director Jay Butler warned at a press conference, the agency's first since the pandemic started in three months.
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"As the number of cases increases, especially if it increases dramatically, it is important to recognize that further mitigation measures, such as those that were implemented in March, may be required," said Butler. He added that any implementation would be local.
Warning signs for such a tip are already out there. In Los Angeles, the district's director of public health, Barbara Ferrer, revealed that the number of cases identified in Los Angeles County in the past 24 hours has skyrocketed.
According to the Health Department, there were 1633 new cases in the county on Friday. This is the third highest total since the onset of the outbreak, according to the LA County Coronavirus Dashboard. Ferrer said the number on Friday included 500 late laboratory cases.
Laboratory delays occurred almost every week during the pandemic. Adding late numbers to the daily total was the order of the day for the county health department, which means that not every day has late numbers, but enough to make these record levels seem significant.
Spikes are also reported in cases such as Texas, Florida and Arizona. President Donald Trump said no further closures will take place and companies are only beginning to reopen. However, many companies and people do not practice social distancing and other protective measures, which causes some experts to warn that a renewed increase could reach dangerous levels.
"There are currently different levels of transmission in communities as they gradually loosen and gradually reopen efforts to contain communities," said Butler.
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