Anthropologie denies instructing employees to call Black customers by code name after former employees speak out

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The versatile fashion and household goods retailer Anthropologie has made a statement after several reports that the brand has promoted the creation of breed profiles on the Internet.
According to a post by Diet Prada, who has been a leading source in the detection of racism in the fashion industry in recent weeks, anthropology staff have been instructed to label black customers as "nicks" or "nicky".
Allegations against the brand were first published in a post on Anthropologie's Instagram account. The brand shared a photo of a quote from Maya Angelou, which the brand called an appeal for "equality and justice".
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"Comments from several employees confirm that stores in California, Chicago, Seattle, NYC and Canada use the code name" Nick "to refer to black buyers," Diet Prada wrote in a separate Instagram post. "Employees report being asked to watch black shoppers, and black shoppers said they confirmed they were being followed while shopping in their stores."
Diet Prada accompanied her contribution with screenshots of former employees, in which they presented their experiences with the creation of breed profiles during their employment at the brand.
"How are you going to stop profiling your Nickies racially? I worked in anthropology and it was disgusting to create race profiles, ”wrote a former anthropologist. "Management has told us so many times that we should watch colored people over the headsets, and I refused to follow mainly black people who took care of their own damned affairs and shop respectfully. Please change."'
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Other quotes repeated the instruction to refer to black customers as “nicks” despite working in different locations.
"I thought Chicago was the only one who used" Nick "as an expression for" look at this black woman who just came in. F - King shame, "commented one man. "So happy not to work there anymore."
Aside from comments from past employees, the brand received accounts from customers claiming to have been tracked while shopping in anthropology, as well as from the company's related brands, Free People and Urban Outfitters.
"I was followed by one of your sales reps in your Harbor East Baltimore store for no reason," wrote one person. "The salesperson told me that her managers asked her to do it! You are part of the problem. "
On Thursday, Anthropologie made a statement to social media that denied any allegations from employees who were directed to profile customers with race profiles.
"We never have and will never have a code word based on a customer's race or ethnicity," the statement began. “Our company follows a zero tolerance policy regarding discrimination or racial profiles in any form. Employees who do not comply with this policy are subject to disciplinary action, which may include dismissal. "
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