Anthropologie has been accused of racial profiling and using code words for Black shoppers — read the official response the company shared on Instagram

Anthropology has been accused of racial discrimination.
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Anthropologie has published an official answer to allegations of racial discrimination on Instagram.
Instagrammer have accused the brand of creating racial profiles by using a code name for buyers and lacking variety in recruitment.
Microinfluencer Lydia Okello also challenged anthropology after saying on Instagram that the brand asked her to work unpaid on a campaign.
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Anthropologie is the youngest fashion retailer accused of racial discrimination.
The wealthy lifestyle brand, with products costing up to $ 795 for clothes or $ 9,000 for a camping tent, has been mentioned in Instagram comments for discriminatory practices.
The brand posted a quote from Maya Angelou on their Instagram feed on June 1, stressing that people "are equivalent regardless of their color", but the followers were unhappy with a vague answer that wasn't specific to the Black Live Matter's movement.
Several commentators also shared stories saying they were racially profiled in anthropology stores and accused the company of using the code word "nick" to refer to black buyers.
"Anthro's culture needs to be seriously reformed," wrote one user, who said the brand's corporate culture was a systemic problem. "The 'black' code word for black buyers that has been confirmed by unrelated former employees? Come on."
Later that week, the brand responded with a contribution that promised to work with and support the Black Community, including a $ 100,000 donation to the United Negro College Fund and a commitment to diversify its workforce.
But allegations of racist practices and "whitewashing" continued, and people accused anthropology of culturally appropriating products and hiring mostly white employees.
Influencer Lydia Okello went to her Instagram on Monday saying she would be asked to work unpaid on a pride month campaign.
On Thursday, Anthropologie officially responded to all criticism about Instagram with several text slides.
"You may have seen that we have been asked to be more transparent, impartial and fair in our branches and business practices," the statement began. The company has no code word and zero tolerance policy for racial profiling, but is learning how to fight racism. "We are determined to do better - to be better," it said.
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