AOC: I'm 'inclined to say yes' that Justice Stephen Breyer should retire at the end of the Supreme Court's current term

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez during an appearance on CNN's State of the Union. CNN / State of the Union
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez MP said she had agreed that Judge Stephen Breyer should resign from the Supreme Court.
The New York MP Mondaire Jones had previously urged Breyer to withdraw from the court.
"I believe we should protect our Supreme Court and that should definitely be taken into consideration," Ocasio-Cortez told CNN.
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New York MP Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said Sunday that she agreed that Stephen Breyer, the assistant judge of the Supreme Court, should retire at the end of the court's current tenure.
During an appearance on CNN's State of the Union on Sunday, Ocasio-Cortez was asked if she agreed with what her colleague, New York MP Mondaire Jones, asked Breyer to agree to earlier this year.
"There is no question that Judge Breyer, for whom I have great respect, should retire at the end of this term. Gosh, haven't we learned our lesson?" Jones said cheddar in April.
"I think Rep Jones is right," Ocasio-Cortez told CNN's Dana Bash on Sunday.
The late Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who died in September 2020 at the age of 87, had received calls for former President Barrack Obama to retire so he could have nominated a replacement if a Republican should win in 2016.
A year before her death, Ginsburg spoke out against critics who criticized her for staying on the field.
“If that suggestion is made, I ask the question, who do you think the president might nominate to get through the Republican Senate? Ginsburg said at an event in September 2019, according to CNBC.
Ocasio-Cortez said she needed to think more about the issue, but said she ultimately believed Breyer should step down from the court.
"I would worry more about it, but I tend to say yes," she said.
The current term of office of the court ends at the end of the month.
Breyer was appointed to court by President Bill Clinton in 1994. At 82 years old, Breyer is the oldest judge at the court.
During his tenure, President Donald Trump appointed three judges to the court. All of his candidates were approved by the Senate. In 2017, President Donald Trump nominated Judge Neil Gorsuch to the court to fill the seat that opened after Judge Antonin Scalia's death in 2016.
And in 2018 Trump nominated Judge Brett Kavanaugh to fill the seat of Judge Anthony Kennedy, who retired that year.
When Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg died in September 2020 while she was still in court, Trump quickly nominated Judge Amy Coney Barrett to replace her. Barrett was also upheld in court after a controversial confirmation hearing.
The court now has a Conservative majority of 6: 3, which is a concern of progressives as issues such as abortion come to court. As Insider previously reported, Senate Democrats have largely remained silent about whether Breyer should retire under Biden's current tenure.
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