AOC says communities 'can't out-organize' voter suppression and warns the 'ground is being set to overturn results'

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., Speaks to reporters on Thursday, June 17, 2021 when she arrives on Capitol Hill in Washington. (AP Photo / Jacquelyn Martin
AOC joins progressives who criticize the notion that voter suppression can be out-organized.
The Times reported that White House officials believe the organization can overcome restrictive voting rules.
“The time to fight like hell for democracy is now. We may not get another chance, ”wrote Ocasio-Cortez.
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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez MP vigorously opposed the notion that grassroots organizing alone can fight voter suppression and joined a growing chorus of progressive voices criticizing President Joe Biden's White House for failing urges vigorously enough to protect voting rights.
“Communities cannot 'out-organize' voter suppression if those who organize them to vote do not protect the vote. And even if they out-organize, the ground is set for the results to overturn. The time to fight like hell for democracy is We may not get another chance, "Ocasio-Cortez wrote on Twitter on Monday.
Ocasio-Cortez responded to a report in the New York Times published Friday describing tension between the Biden White House and civil rights activists raising the alarm over the GOP's efforts in the state to restrict the right to vote and the results of the elections 2020 to undermine.
The Times reported that White House officials and close allies of the President, in "private conversations" with activists, expressed confidence that "electoral repression can be tackled" is possible.
Ron Brownstein of The Atlantic reported in late May that while White House officials view new electoral laws as "civil rights objectionable," they don't believe that most of these laws will benefit Republicans so much in the 2022 and 2024 elections as many liberal activists fear. "
Many activists are frustrated that Biden, who called the new GOP election laws "Jim Crow on Steroids" and described them as the greatest challenge to American democracy since the Civil War, is not calling for Senate filibuster reforms to pass the franchise Legislation.
The current Senate filibuster rules require 60 votes to debate and pass most laws. At the end of June, the Republicans of the Senate thwarted the For The People Act or S. 1 of the Democrats with a comprehensive voting rights bill.
Democrats in Congress are turning to the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, which would restore an important provision of the Voting Rights Act that the Supreme Court overturned in the 2013 Shelby v Holder case.
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Biden continued to oppose the idea of ​​wrecking the filibuster in a CNN town hall on Wednesday, saying that removing it would "wreak havoc across Congress and nothing will be done."
Ocasio-Cortez also pointed to the emerging danger of GOP-backed electoral subversion in the States, noting that no organization, no matter how large, can stop partisan interference in the vote count
A June update to a report by Protect Democracy, States United Democracy Center, and Law Forward identified 24 laws passed and enacted in 14 GOP-controlled states that criminalize aspects of the electoral administration process and give party officials more control over how it is carried out Elections are giving certified, in addition to GOP lawmakers conducting dubious "audits," and reports of already certified elections in states like Arizona.
In Congress, the House of Representatives Administrative Committee responsible for voting and electoral law will hold a hearing on Wednesday on the subject of electoral subversion.
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