Apparently Prince William "Couched" His Judgy Comments About Meghan Markle as "Concern" for Her

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From Cosmopolitan
A new book claims Prince William "expressed" concern about Prince Harry moving too fast with Meghan Markle as "concern" for Meghan.
Battle of Brothers can be found anywhere that tea-filled books are sold on October 20th.
At the time, there were roughly 8,000 reports of how Prince William was not welcomed to Meghan Markle when she joined the royal family - and how he allegedly tried to convince Prince Harry to slow their relationship down.
And now, Robert Lacey's new book, Battle of Brothers (which is positively infused with tea) claims out here that William actually tried to express his concern about the relationship as a concern for Meghan. And Harry didn't have it.
"The fundamental conflict was between the two men, who had known each other all their lives and never hesitated to tell each other exactly what they were thinking and feeling," writes Lacey of People. "William was worried that his brother was getting on too quickly with his advertising - and he didn't hesitate to say so much when Harry started talking about getting in touch with Meghan pretty soon."
Lacey then adds (and this is the brand new! Info!) That, "According to another source, on this pivotal and well-reported confrontation between the brothers that occurred sometime in late 2016 or early 2017, William phrased his question regarding an obvious concern about Meghan. "
Apparently, "Harry couldn't help but wonder if Wills was really concerned about his personal happiness - or if he was again, as usual, thinking about the makeup and fortune of 'the Firm', of which he will one day be boss would? Harry's response was a harsh and insulted recoil. "
I mean yes. Can you imagine your annoying siblings thinking they have had an impact on your personal life? The! Audacity!
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