Apple dismisses 'crazy' claims they stole idea from customer: 'Defamation of character'

A Missouri man sued Apple, alleging that the company kept its iPhone after fixing it and using "special features" on its phone to create features for future iOS updates.
According to Apple Insider, Raevon Terrell Parker informed the U.S. District Court for the Missouri Eastern District that he had brought his iPhone 7 to the Saint Louis Galleria in October 2018. Parker then claims that an employee took his phone to fix it and then kept it Parker receives a replacement phone. Parker claims the employee took the phone after finding that it had brand new features.
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None of Parker's court records state what he means by saying that his iPhone was "the first to have new features" and why he was entitled to credit and compensation for the "discovery of the Group FaceTime feature".
Macworld suggests that Parker may have accidentally installed a version of the iOS software that was not yet intended for the public, so the Apple Store employee removed it.
Part of the lawsuit is that Parker is suing Apple for "distress, humiliation, embarrassment, and defamation of the character." According to Parker, he was classified as "crazy" in the Apple Store. In an earlier version of his detailed list of materials and compensation, he called his mental health "priceless".
So far, the judge has dismissed the claim for not making a claim.
At the beginning of June, Apple exceeded the $ 1.5 trillion market value threshold, making it the first time a company has reached such a high level.
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