Apple is fixing one of AirPods' biggest annoyances in its next major software update

Apple Air Pod Pro
Crystal Cox / Business Insider
AirPods will soon be able to automatically switch between connected devices when Apple's new software launches in the fall.
You currently need to navigate to a device's Bluetooth menu to switch your AirPods to another Apple device.
This is one of the many features that Apple announced at its global developer conference on Monday.
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AirPods owners will be happy when Apple releases its next major software updates in the fall.
Apple finally makes it easier to switch devices with AirPods, so you don't have to manually plug in the wireless headphones if you want to switch from your iPhone to your Mac or iPad.
Apple announced this during its presentation at Monday's Worldwide Developers Conference.
Currently, you need to navigate to the Bluetooth settings of the device you want to switch to while wearing AirPods to switch between supported devices. If you're watching Netflix on your iPad but want to switch to your iPhone to take a call or listen to music, you'll need to select your AirPods from the iPhone's Bluetooth settings.
When the new Apple software updates for iPhone, Apple Watch, Mac, and iPad are released in the fall of this year, you can automatically switch between devices, as long as they're all linked to the same iCloud account.
This feature only works for AirPods and AirPods Pro of the second generation, not for the original AirPods that were introduced in 2016. Other Apple headphones like Powerbeats, Powerbeats Pro and Beats Solo Pro. the new automatic switching function will also be retained.
Apple has made improvements in the past when it comes to how quickly AirPods can connect to devices. This is one of the few differences between the second-generation AirPods that Apple released in April last year, for example, and the original model. These newer AirPods not only supported Siri hands-free access, they were also able to connect to devices faster than their predecessor. This struck me when I checked them at launch.
Headphones that can automatically switch between your paired devices while you're using them, however, seem to be the experience we've always wanted and expected from AirPods.
This is one of several new features that Apple announced for AirPods during WWDC, battery alerts that notify you when your headphones need charging, and spatial audio for AirPods Pro. Apple claims that when listening to AirPods, spatial audio creates a more cinematic experience by applying directional audio filters and adjusting the frequencies that each ear receives. It also uses the AirPods' gyroscope and accelerometer to track the movement of your head.
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