Apple just unveiled the next version of its iPhone software, iOS 14. Here are the biggest changes coming to your iPhone this fall.

Apple launched iOS 14 on Monday, the latest version of its iPhone software.
The new software, which is expected to be available in the fall of this year, includes important changes to the iPhone's home screen and the ability to unlock and start your car with your iPhone.
Apple is also adding a new translation app for translating live conversations, group message enhancements and app clips, small, lightweight versions of apps when you need them most.
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Apple launched the latest version of its iPhone 14 iOS 14 software on Monday.
The new software, which will be available on iPhones in the fall, was unveiled at Apple's annual developer conference, WWDC. While past events took place at Apple's headquarters in Cupertino, California, this year's event took place practically after the outbreak of the corona virus.
Apple's new iPhone software, which is expected to be available on iPhones in the fall, is a major update for the device. It brings important changes to the home screen, a new translation app and the option to unlock and start your car with your iPhone.
Here you will find all the important new iPhone 14 functions from iOS 14 that Apple has announced.
A new app called Translate for live conversation translations that works offline
The ability to set a default email or browser app that is different from Apple
The ability to unlock and start your car with your iPhone and give other people access to your vehicle (This function if you first come to the new BMW 5 Series.)
App clips, a small, lightweight version of an app when you only need it temporarily
iOS 14 home screen

Apple is making major changes to its home screen, marking the first major overhaul in several years.
This fall, a new feature called App Library for iPhones will be available that will automatically organize your apps by type. So you can hide app pages and reduce clutter. The library automatically shows you apps you may need.
Apple is also changing the look of widgets to make them look better and have different sizes. For the first time, you can pin widgets to your home screen for easier access.
iOS 14 Siri

The Siri user interface is also updated. Instead of the voice assistant taking up the entire screen when activated, Siri is only displayed as a ball at the bottom of the screen when used.
iOS 14 FaceTime

With iOS 14, FaceTime is less intrusive - instead of an incoming call taking up the entire screen, it is now displayed as a small rectangle at the top of the screen.
FaceTime also offers picture-in-picture support, which means the video follows you to other apps. The function also works for other videos.
iOS 14 group messages

The messaging app will likely be more convenient to use in iOS 14. You can now pin frequently used conversations to the top of the app, making it quicker and easier to access.
Some of the most important changes concern group messages. With Apple, you can now add a photo or memoji to a group conversation and tag others and reply inline to a specific message.
Memoji gets a little update with new hairstyles and headgear, and even the option to add a face mask.
iOS 14 cards

The Maps app is updated to improve its competitiveness against Google Maps.
The app now has curated, built-in guides for travel from third-party sources that are constantly updated.
Apple also adds special app experiences for environmentally friendly forms of commuting, starting with cycling. The app shows users how busy a particular road is or how difficult the route is.
Maps now tell users whether there are charging stations for electric vehicles on their route.
Compile iOS 14

Translate is a new app created by Apple that will be available in iOS 14. The app works similarly to Google Translate and enables the translation of conversations into 11 languages.
Apple highlights the fact that Translate will be available offline to keep language and text translations private.
iOS 14 car key

iOS 14 app clips

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