Apple Mac computers make jump to its own chips

Apple has confirmed that it will switch its Mac laptop and desktop computers to its own ARM-based processors.
The move means Macs run on the same chips as the company's iPhones and iPads, not Intel's.
Intel struggled to create its own designs, which resulted in computer manufacturers making a public apology.
Apple's challenge will be to make the transition go smoothly and convince third-party developers to update their apps accordingly.
"We expect our first Mac to ship with Apple silicon by the end of the year," said CEO Tim Cook, adding that it will likely take two years for the entire product line to make the leap.
The company said the move would enable it to offer new features and improved performance, and to make it easier for developers to "write and optimize software for the entire Apple ecosystem."
The announcement was made at Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).
"Apple’s motivation is to reduce dependency on Intel, maximize silicon investment, increase performance, and provide more flexibility and flexibility for future products," said Geoff Blaber of CCS Insight consulting firm.
"The introduction of ARM and the consistency of hardware across all iPhone, iPad and Mac areas is a strategic necessity, but there will be inevitable bumps on the road."
Apple said it had already developed native versions of several of its own apps, including Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro. iPhone and iPad apps can also run on computers.
According to Apple, Microsoft is working on an optimized version of Office, and Adobe is developing a version of Photoshop.
Other developers should be able to recompile their apps to get a version up and running "in just a few days," said the company's software chief, Craig Federighi. He added that old apps were automatically translated to run at installation time, although they wouldn't work as well.
To clarify the importance of the move, MacOS is switched to version 11. Since 2001, MacOS has only been changed from 10.0 to 10.15.
Apple silicon
In 2006, Apple successfully switched from the PowerPC processors from IBM-Motorola to the x86 family from Intel.
However, some software programs have never been updated and cannot be easily run on today's Mac computers. Apple has discontinued support for running older software under emulation in the 2011 version of its Mac operating system.
Microsoft is already running Windows 10 on Intel and ARM-based processors and is expected to continue to support both chip architectures.
Apple has not indicated how long it will do the same.
Ian Fogg
@ ianfogg42
If new # ARM-based Macs can run iPad apps, why should future iPad hardware not be able to run Mac apps? # wwdc20
9:47 p.m. - June 22, 2020
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As a result, some people who are considering buying one of their laptops or desktop computers may choose to postpone the purchase until the first ARM-based computers go on sale.
This could impact sales at both Apple and the development studios that make software for the platform.
ARM-based chips are based on the designs of the UK-based company headquartered in Cambridge. Other companies then adjust them to add their own functions.
Samsung, Qualcomm and Huawei are among the many other companies that do this.
According to market research company Gartner, Apple is the fourth largest PC provider and is behind Lenovo, HP and Dell.
The company claims to have over 100 million active Mac users. As early as June 2005, when the switch to Intel chips was announced, the figure was around 12.5 million.
"Apple accounts for approximately 4.5% of the laptop market and 2.6% of the desktop market, so the financial impact will not be significant to Intel," said Gartner's Jon Erensen.
"However, this transition ... could spur Microsoft's current efforts to run Windows on Qualcomm's Snapdragon processors."
Existing Mac owners will see changes to the next MacOS operating system - Big Sur - which, according to Apple, is the largest redesign to date.
Analysis by James Clayton, North America technology reporter
The best way to describe a processor is the brain of the computer.
No wonder that the processor in your computer is somehow important. Changing it is no small feat - and Apple hasn't made that decision lightly.
The big question - and the one you're probably more interested in - is what this means for Macs in general.
The prevailing view in Silicon Valley to shift to Apple will lead to more powerful Macs.
If you use it internally, cheaper processors can result. In theory, you could have cheaper Macs (if Apple wants to pass savings on to consumers).
But there are also risks.
The first is that Apple still has Intel-based Macs that are not yet coming out. Are people simply waiting for the new Apple processor to go live before deciding to buy a new computer?
And - considering how well Mac products sell, it will be nervous to change a formula that has worked very well for Apple over the past 15 years.
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Other announcements at WWDC included the ability to use an iPhone as a replacement for a car key by sending an Near Field Communication (NFC) signal to unlock doors and start the engine.
This will initially be limited to some new BMWs, but the company said it intends to expand to other models in time.
Carolina Milanesi

Sad to say that I don't change my car to use my iPhone as a key, but I'm sure # BMW customers are interested because #Samsung has a lot of traction with it # WWDC20
8:28 PM - June 22, 2020
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App developers must also provide more information about the data they collect about users so that Apple can show them a summary before installing the software.
Ben Bajarin

@ BenBajarin
By the appearance of apps that look for your location or you want to track, Apple informs consumers and sensitizes them to the situation. Generates more interest and desire for their privacy.
9:00 p.m. - June 22, 2020
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One of the biggest changes to the iPhone's iOS14 operating system will be shaking up the home screen.
Apps can now be automatically organized into folders that contain the following:
Suggested apps based on previous habits
recently downloaded items
thematic downloads, for example games
The company also updates its "widgets" - blocks that show a slimmed-down, small app window - so that they can be placed under the icons for other programs. Examples of this were weather forecasts, press conferences and calendar meetings. Android has something similar.
Another Android-like new feature is the introduction of app clips that can be used to quickly download part of a program. These must be less than 10 megabytes in size and can be triggered via NFC transmission or by scanning a QR code.
Recommended uses included the ability to order a drink from a café or pay for a parking space.
Apple is also releasing a new app called Translate that does language translations offline and offers an alternative to Google Translate.
Initially, 11 languages ​​are supported, including English, Mandarin, French, German and Arabic.
Wayne Lam
@Waynes world
# iOS14 uses UI ideas from previous # Android versions, but only in a more elegant way @Apple #WWDC
8:32 PM - June 22, 2020
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For the first time, users can set third-party email and web browser apps as the default in iOS instead of Apple's own software.
The UK and Ireland will be among the countries to be given access to a revised version of their map app that offers more detailed views of roads and paths than before, as well as new bicycle instructions and routes for electric cars that pass charging stations.
The MeMoji cartoon characters now offer new styling options, including additional face masks.
Apple's iPadOS tablet operating system will also benefit from several improvements to its pencil pen.
These include:
Convert scribbled words and numbers to typed text
Recognition of both Chinese and English characters with the ability to convert both characters accordingly within the same scribbled line
automatic tidying up of drawings
The next version of WatchOS extends the company's smartwatch with sleep tracking features based on a user's movements in bed.
You can also determine when the owner washes their hands to confirm whether they have been doing this long enough to protect themselves from Covid-19.
Ben Wood

I wouldn't be surprised if the new hand washing app appeared on the Apple Watch and Memojis face mask as some of WWDC's great stories. I am always amazed how such gimmicks stimulate the public's imagination # WWDC20
8:55 PM - June 22, 2020
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8:59 p.m. - June 22, 2020
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In addition, "curated" dials from third parties can be shared and installed with the wearable. The activity app, now renamed Fitness, captures the calories used for different dance styles.
Apple's AirPod Pro earphones receive spatial audio to create a cinema-style surround sound experience. They also automatically switch between a user's Apple devices when the owner changes from one to the other.
With the company's Apple TV set-top box, compatible third-party video doorbells can soon stream live footage of TV screen visitors, while iOS 14 enables facial recognition to identify those visitors.
This only works with members of the owner's family and friends who need to be marked in advance.
It has also turned out that Apple TV's YouTube app plays clips in 4K for the first time, ending an argument with Google over video coding technology.

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