Apple's new iPhone could have a huge design change, latest leak suggests

Could the iPhone 12 have a bold new look (Jin Store / Twitter)
Leaked computer renderings and dummy models of Apple's new iPhone 12 suggest that a major design change could be on the way.
The new flagship could have flat, angular edges, similar to devices like the iPhone 5S, a look that Apple discontinued in 2013.
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The pictures were published by Twitter user @Jin_Store, whose profile claims that he is an Australian reseller of Apple products.
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Ahead of the launch of new Apple devices, dummy phones are often marketed by accessory manufacturers to fit the pockets.
@ Jin_Store
The sides are square, just like the rumor # iPhone12 # iPhone12Pro
6:19 a.m. - June 14, 2020
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The user wrote: "The sides are square, just like the rumored iPhone 12."
In the Twitter post, he also shared computer-rendered images of the new phone with a flash connector; Some speculation had indicated that the device might switch to the widely used USB-C port.
Apple's latest fourth-generation iPad Pro, released in March, had angular edges.
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The technology giant has delayed the mass production of new iPhone phones, but is still releasing four new models this year, according to the supply chain.
A Wall Street Journal report suggested that Apple will launch four new iPhones this year, equipped with 5G connectivity for faster internet.
The new iMac had angular edges (photo illustration by Jaap Arriens / NurPhoto via Getty Images)
According to the report, Apple will cut the number of mobile phones to be manufactured in the second half of 2020 by up to 20%.
The delay is due to corona virus shutdown at Apple factories, the WSJ reported.
The Nikkei had reported in late March that Apple was preparing to delay the launch of its first 5G iPhones.
Apple's largest iPhone plant was hit by restrictions on Chinese workers due to the Corona virus outbreak earlier this year.
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