Apple Watch finally gets sleep tracking, plus hand-washing feature

Apple brings one of the most requested features to the Apple Watch: sleep tracking.
Yes, after years of fans begging for the opportunity to track their sleep with the company's smartwatch, Apple (APPL) has finally collapsed. With this function you can find out how long you slept each night and how restful your sleep was.
If you are tracking your sleep, your watch will turn off. If you want to check this, you only get the time. This is likely to extend battery life during the night.
According to Apple, the Apple Watch can track your sleep using its accelerometer to track your movement throughout the night. When you wake up, Apple says that watchOS 7 shows important information from your sleep and how much battery your watch still has.
Apple says it will also add a wind-down notification to your iPhone's home screen. The idea is to let you know when to prepare for the bed and to provide users with apps that they want to use before you hit the bag. So if you use a meditation app before bed, Wind Down gives you quick access to your app. You can also access certain scenes in the Home app to dim the lights, lock the doors, and more on your phone, so you can go to bed without having to walk around your house beforehand.
It is important that all of this is suitable for current Apple Watch models. How much this affects the battery of the watch can affect or affect the function for many users. Like most people, I charge my watch at night. However, if I keep wearing it at night, I have to find another time to charge my watch before I run out of the door in the morning. How important that is to you could be the difference between using sleep tracking and not.
Apple Watch sleep function
New faces, workouts and washing up
With Apple's watchOS 7, users can finally fully customize their watch faces and even get them from third-party websites to share with friends. For example, if you see a watch face you like on a website, you can click the "Add Apple Watch Face" button.
The face will then appear in your watch app and then on your watch. Developers can offer preconfigured watch faces, and users can share watch faces on social media platforms.
Apple also updates the workout app in watchOS 7 by adding a dance setting so you can track dance workouts. The app can determine whether you are only dancing with your arms, legs or both at the same time. Other new workouts include functional strength training and cool downs.
In addition, Apple is renaming the Activity app to watchOS 7 and iOS to Fitness, as Apple adds a lot more to track your workouts, according to Apple.
Finally, the Apple Watch can tell when you wash your hands and let you know if you've done this for so long. The watch detects when you start washing with the built-in accelerometer and watch out for running water and splashing water.
The clock shows how long you have washed your hands. When you are done, you will receive a quick notification after 20 seconds informing you that you are done.
WatchOS 7 will be available later this year.
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