April Love Geary Claps Back at Criticism for Bikini Photo

April love Geary
April love Geary / Instagram
April Love Geary fights against her critics.
The 26-year-old model recently closed a follower who was struggling with a bikini photo she posted on Instagram on Sunday and stood for her snap E! News reports.
According to the outlet, after posting the photo in the blue and white bikini, a reviewer wrote, “Dear April, I love your pictures and you are a proud mother. But your last 'sexy' pictures "Don't know, you don't need that. What should we see ...?"
Geary shared a screenshot of the conversation with her Instagram story and responded, "I want you to see my a- in this last picture," added a GIF of Olivia Rodrigo shrugging.
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The model, who shares daughters Lola (2) and Mia (3) and seven-month-old son Luca with fiancé Robin Thicke, showed her "hot mother" earlier this month and celebrated her body after the other.
While Geary shares much of her life with followers online, the mom of three isn't afraid to silence any associated shame on social media. When she was pregnant with Luca, she clapped back on a commenter who criticized a nude selfie.
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"Girl !!! What are you doing ??? ‍♀️" they wrote to the photo and asked them to answer: "Mow the lawn? How does it look like I'm doing that ???"
When the reviewer commented, "????? it looks like you're doing too much !!! Your body is for your man so as not to see the ??? ‍♀️," the influencer shot back, " I don't have a husband ????? Besides, no man owns MY body. "
Always honest with the fans, Geary previously shared her abortion story.
"I got a lot of DMs that said things like, 'How can you support abortions when you're a mother yourself?' So this is MY body, MY body after an abortion in 2014, a miscarriage in 2017, giving birth to a baby in 2018 and 2019, "she captioned an Instagram post in 2019.
"I'm glad I was able to make decisions about MY body without suffering any kind of punishment," she said.

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