Arcadia nurse accused of shooting into neighbor’s apartment over piano noise in California

A nurse has been arrested for allegedly firing multiple shots into her neighbor's apartment over piano noise in Arcadia, California.
Pin Hsin Lin, who has been giving piano lessons at her home on Sunset Boulevard in Arcadia for nearly three years, was preparing for a lesson when a bullet fired through her ceiling just missed her.
Lin had heard a loud bang around noon on August 1, which she assumed was her upstairs neighbor slamming the doors. Lin realized the noises were gunshots when the fourth loud noise came through her ceiling with a bullet hitting a lamp on her piano.
"All of a sudden there's a straight bullet," Lin told ABC 7. "When I saw the hole, I thought, 'That's a real shot!' So I called the police immediately."
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Lin also found another bullet hole in a cupboard in her kitchen. The bullet, fired while she was preparing lunchtime food, was stopped by a rice cooker on a top shelf. She believes her 39-year-old neighbor Kathryn Pugh was aiming at her instead of shooting aimlessly through the floor.
Police said they found Pugh intoxicated and in possession of two legally registered guns at her home. She was arrested and charged with two felonies for firing a firearm at an occupied home.
"We discovered she fired two rounds through a ground floor apartment unit," said Police Sgt. is said to have said Ryan Mulhall. "We found a bottle of tequila at her home and she was showing signs and symptoms of being intoxicated."
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"It appears that both the victim and the suspect have an ongoing dispute over issues surrounding the home," police told Fox 11 in a statement. "It appears they were fired on purpose."
Pugh, who moved in last year, had complained about the noise from her downstairs neighbor, according to Lin. Pugh is reportedly a Los Angeles registered nurse who received a 2019 Huntington Health Daisy Award. The award recognizes "clinical excellence, caring and compassion."
Congratulations to DAISY Award Winner, Kathryn Pugh, RN!
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— Huntington Health (@huntingtonnews) December 27, 2019
Police say two more shots were spotted through Pugh's window and wall. The bullets struck two other apartments, but there were no reported injuries.
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Pugh's bail was initially set at $250,000 before it was increased to $500,000. However, she was found to be a danger to the community by Judge Terry Lee Smerling, who subsequently ordered her held without bail, even though Pugh had no criminal record.
"It's absolutely tragic for us," Karla Sarabia, Pugh's attorney, told ABC 7. "Possibly before she goes to court, so that could be months and in a serious case like this, maybe even longer. She will lose her job, she will lose her apartment, she will lose her livelihood.”
"She has no prior knowledge, she's a responsible person, she went to Berkeley, she got a scholarship, she got a 4.0 (GPA)," Pugh's mother, Marie, also told ABC 7. "She's one of the best people ever existed on this earth."
Lin sees it differently. She believes Pugh will get revenge if she returns to the apartment above her.
Pugh's next court appearance is scheduled for August 16.
Featured image via ABC 7 / @huntingtonnews

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