Arizona Man Makes Dwarf Cars Out Of Refrigerators

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This guy has serious talent.
If you've never seen a miniature car in person, you must smile. This is especially true of the vehicles that Ernie Adams of Maricopa, Arizona, builds. The man has been creating replicas of classic 11/16 scale rides since 1965 and has an entire collection that he shows in his own museum. This is the kind of passion and dedication we love to see in the hobby to prove that you don't have to be rich and buy millions of cars at auctions to have a good time.
Another man built a Lamborghini Countach in his basement. Check it out here.
What's even more amazing about Adam's cars is that he made some of them from old refrigerators. The man cut up 9 fridges to make what he calls "Grandpa Dwarf," which resembles a 1928 Chevy, although Adams is the first to admit it is not a replica as accurate as some of these later attempts. That's the thing about a unique ability like this. The more you do it, the better you get at it. So you have to be determined to hold on to it.
Photo credit: YouTube
Adams must have had a lot of practice now. The man has literally created hundreds of miniature cars of just about every type imaginable, from luxury sedans to hotrods and racing drivers. The crown jewel of the fleet, however, is a Mercury Coupé from 1949 called the “Rebel Rouser”, a miniature car that the man built from the ground up out of sheet metal instead of old kitchen appliances.
Photo credit: YouTube
While these cars definitely look weird with anyone standing near them or next to a full-size vehicle, the most amazing thing is that Adams drives them on the streets of Maricopa and the surrounding area. That's right, they are street legal and licensed. Some can reach 100 mph, so they're not exactly toys. Plus, the interiors have everything that can be found in the original cars, including radios and all controls. Adams makes a lot of parts from scratch, which is just amazing.
See the cars in action for yourself.
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