Arnold Schwarzenegger said cutting out bread helped him lose weight, but dietitians say a calorie deficit is more important than banning carbs

Arnold Schwarzenegger, his girlfriend Heather Milligan and DJ Oetzi at a party in Germany in January 2016. Hannes Magerstaedt / Getty Images
Arnold Schwarzenegger cut bread out to help lose weight, according to his newsletter.
Bread isn't naturally fattened, but it's easy to overeat, said Dr. Spencer Nadolsky to Insider.
Bread provides vital nutrients and energy, said nutritionist Tai Ibitoye.
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All over the world people are desperately trying to get fit for the summer - and Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of them.
The bodybuilder has documented his weight loss for his 21.6 million Instagram followers, and in his latest email newsletter, Schwarzenegger said he removed bread from his diet to help meet his goals.
"I doubled my workouts and bike rides and cut the bread out this month and I've almost hit my target weight of 218. To be completely honest, I've got 5 pounds left so I'm not there." still. But I am celebrating my progress so far! "The newsletter reads.
However, dietitians said Schwarzenegger's no-bread approach might work for some but not for others.
Cutting down on carbohydrates can help some people, but you don't have to cut out bread to lose weight
While bread is often demonized as "fattening" it is not, nutritionist Tai Ibitoye told Insider, and you don't have to cross it out of your diet to lose weight.
Losing weight means you are total calorie deficit and where you cut those calories is up to you - a medium slice of bread contains 80-90 calories.
When trying to stick to a calorie deficit, some people prefer to cut down on carbohydrates as protein and fats are generally more filling (and protein is also important for maintaining muscle mass).
Some people find it easy to overeat bread, so cutting it out will help them meet their calorie deficit.
"You can technically cut out any high-calorie foods to lose weight," said Dr. Spencer Nadolsky, an obesity and lipidology doctor specializing in cardio-metabolic medicine, told Insider. "If Arnold is something that Arnold thinks he's indulging himself too much and is having a hard time controlling it, cutting it out can be helpful, but it's not magic."
Nick Shaw, former bodybuilder and co-founder of fitness and nutrition company RP Strength, agreed, "It's not that bread magically makes you lose weight, but it's calorie reduction and the fact that good-tasting foods are one are a good way to have a bite to eat. " less that helps with weight loss. "
But if you enjoy eating bread, if you eliminate it from your diet, it means that it is unsustainable.
"Instead of focusing on specific foods or food groups to get off your diet to lose weight, you should focus more on a balanced and varied diet that includes different types of foods with appropriately large servings," Ibitoye said.
Bread contains important nutrients and provides energy
Ibitoye said it was important to remember that food is more than calories.
"Bread contains important nutrients like calcium, iron, and B vitamins like niacin and thiamine, which are needed for various body functions. Black bread has a little more fiber than white bread, but that doesn't mean white bread is lacking in nutritional value," she said.
According to Ibitoye, Schwarzenegger needs to make sure he has other sources of starchy carbohydrates in his diet.
"Carbohydrates are the body's main source of energy and we need them to support our daily activities," she said. "Our brain also needs a sufficient supply of energy so that we can concentrate and stay focused."
Restricting carbohydrates can lead to nutrient deficiencies, which can lead to headaches, lethargy, dizziness and irritability, Ibitoye said.
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