Arnold Schwarzenegger Shared How Powerlifting Helped His Bodybuilding Gains

Arnold Schwarzenegger started his birthday this morning by pondering some of his best bodybuilding memories. In his monthly newsletter, he looked back on days of training with Italian bodybuilder Franco Columbo and revealed his max career in the bench press: 525 pounds.
“It was a huge success back then,” he says. (That isn't too shabby today, either.) He says that in addition to his more notable bodybuilding career, he has competed in powerlifting and won "international powerlifting championships."
Schwarzenegger then describes what a typical difficult day looked like in its prime. “I loved combining powerlifting with bodybuilding one day a week,” he says, still talking about the bench press. "I warmed up with 135, then 225, then 275, then 315, 375, then 405, then 455, then 495." That would help him determine how much weight he could do for 3 reps - more or less 455 pounds depending on the day.
“I would do 5-8 sets of 3 reps. It was a way to get my body used to lifting very hard. And then I took the weight off so it was only 315 and did as many reps as possible and then I was done with my bench press, ”he says.
This, of course, leads to a deeper lesson at Austrian Oak: when you're just starting out, set big goals and work on a sustainable plan to achieve them.
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“What you learn is simple: failure is not a loss, failure is part of growing. Do you know what I did before I lifted 500 pounds? I couldn't lift 500 pounds, not once, not twice, but tons. ”That's one of the best things the gym can teach you, he adds.
"Failure is not an end - it is a means to an end."
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