‘Art Of The Deal’ Co-Author Perfectly Predicted Trump’s Defeat Reaction In 2016

Tony Schwartz, co-author of Donald Trump's 1987 bestseller "The Art Of The Deal," predicted exactly how the president would react to losing the election in a Q&A four years ago that is now going viral.
After a speech at Oxford University in November 2016, Schwartz warned of a "tense time" in the US if Trump should lose his vote to Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.
Schwartz, who has become a vociferous critic of his former book partner, foresaw an angry Trump who “stirred up this anger that sits in his followers in every possible way to prove he was wrong, the election was rigged, and he don't really lose. "
"Trust me when I say this, if Trump loses the election, he will never acknowledge, he will not admit the election and he will never acknowledge that he lost the election," added Schwartz. "Because that means feeling wiped out and not going there. It will be a dangerous, tense time in America in the weeks after the election."
Schwartz spoke at the time about how Trump would react to losing the election to Clinton (which didn't happen).
People on Twitter noticed this week that his comments eerily foresaw Trump's reaction to his 2020 election defeat to President-elect Joe Biden.
Schwartz's prediction has now been seen more than 1.6 million times on Twitter:
Read the full speech and questions and answers from Schwartz at the Oxford Union here:
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