Artemis Fowl director Kenneth Branagh explains why the movie version differs significantly from the books

Artemis Fowl landed on Disney Plus, and some fans of the novel were slightly surprised by Kenneth Branagh's interpretation of Eoin Colfer's book.
Throughout the original series, Artemis Fowl - the boy's genius - was a criminal mastermind who was happier as a villain than a hero. In the new adaptation, however, the 12-year-old plays a little differently. Rather than being a young Bond villain - as Colfer originally envisioned the character - Artemis is an average boy plunging into a fantastic new adventure. Gone is the antagonistic relationship with his father, which was replaced by a healthy relationship and a rescue mission to get Artemis Snr back.
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Branagh has since explained why he made such fundamental changes to the main character. "It was a decision based on some sort of reverse view of what I saw in the books. Eoin introduced Artemis, who had a sense of morality in the books," he told Slash Film, adding that the Selling a young bad guy in just one movie would be incredibly difficult, so a "one-way mirror" of the books might not work.
"We meet him in an arc that resembles Michael Corleone in The Godfather," he continued. "Where someone has to arrive in the context of the first story, where the story begins within the novels. So, like Thor, the story of how it came about was one in which we saw that the character in this case comes from something more raw: going to school , a bit like some of our viewers may know.
"I was less interested in telling the story from the start of a character who was stuck in a privileged life. I wanted us to find the humanity in the character before we embark on a journey that is the opposite of the books but could somehow be holistic in the sense of what I was looking for, what was a trip that might have led our Artemis, which he arrives at the end of the film to go to the dark side. "
So there you have it - Artemis Fowl, the film, is basically the godfather? Branagh's film struggles with critics, but there is so much material for me that there is certainly room for a sequel. And if you're looking for something different, watch the best movies on Disney Plus.

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