As Reporters Query Secretary Kayleigh McEnany On COVID-19 Precautions At Donald Trump Rally, She Complains About Media Double Standard

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An important topic at Wednesday's White House press conference was President Donald Trump's plans to hold a rally in Tulsa on Saturday due to concerns about the spread of the corona virus.
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CNN White House chief correspondent Jim Acosta asked press officer Kayleigh McEnany if the president would take responsibility if people got sick.
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McEnany said the campaign will take precautions like temperature checks, hand sanitizers, and masks.
But Acosta continued to urge McEnany on how rallyers can follow the guidelines of the disease control centers for social distancing. "You will not be able to practice social distancing at a rally with thousands of people," Acosta said.
"It's up to the individual to decide what to do, but we want to talk about internal coherence. I think the media needs to work on internal coherence."
She then held up an issue of the New York Post entitled “Sick Hypocrisy,” which showed the crowd in the recent protests against Black Lives Matter and Trump rallies. She noted that it showed that the media protested as "OK" and Trump recovered as "not OK" when it came to concerns about the corona virus.
"I think the American people took note of this when, for example, NBC tweets on June 14th at 4:05 pm" Rally for black transsexuals "attracted the crowd in the Brooklyn Museum square", which seems to praise the protest , and less than an hour and a half later says, "President Trump is planning a rally, but public health experts are questioning this decision." CBS had a similar, logically inconsistent tweet. "
Acosta then urged her again if the president would take responsibility for the health of rallyers. When he asked the question further, she said, "I answered five of your questions. Work on your inner cohesion and get in touch with me. "
Other reporters also raised health concerns at the rally, but McEnany continued to complain about what she sees as double standards.
"The lockdown protesters have been largely condemned by the media," she said. "They protested the ban. This protest was suddenly praised for Black Lives Matter. That makes no sense. In many of these cases, ideology drives the question forward. If you should focus on science, you should be out there asking the same questions about the protests. "
NBC News did not ignore health concerns about those involved in the protests, although this may not have been a dominant topic in the coverage. For example, on June 6, NBC Nightly News presented a segment in which Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said: “The reasons for the demonstration are valid, and yet the demonstration itself shows one with an additional risk. "
McEnany usually comes to the briefings prepared with a criticism of media coverage and goes so far as to blame reporters for ignoring certain stories, such as the one in which Michael Flynn, Trump's former national security adviser, is involved. She ended the briefing by saying to reporters, "I hope we see more consistent headlines."
The briefing was affected by audio problems that rendered her words as if they were spoken in a large cave. The audio was finally corrected.
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