Ashley Judd reveals frightening text she sent her father after accident in Congo

When Ashley Judd was in the middle of an ordeal that nearly lost her leg after falling into a Congo forest, her father received a terrifyingly vague text message saying, "Neither parent ever wants."
Describing her father's amazing efforts to be by her side in South Africa, 52-year-old Judd went on a 55-hour odyssey after breaking her leg while studying the endangered bonob population.
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The actor reported on Instagram on Monday how her father, Michael Ciminella, was made aware of her plight and immediately traveled to Sunninghill Hospital in Johannesburg to be with her.
"My beloved father, who received the text that no parent would ever want:" Emergency, can't answer questions, please come now, "was actually able to come to South Africa because he is vaccinated," wrote they. "He has been my rock, companion, my resource and has helped me listen to so many doctors, a critical support system and a friendly, loving presence as I cried and cried."
Judd added that her father accompanied her on four flights totaling 22 hours to return to the United States, where she will remain in the hospital.
"In an American hospital, I continued to wait for the tissue damage and swelling to decrease," she wrote. "Finally, I was qualified for the 8-hour operation to repair the bones, decompress the bleeding nerve, and remove the fragments of bone from the nerve. I am now recovering from the operation."
She shared a video of the nurses caring for her at the Johannesburg hospital, as well as a photo of her doctor and pictures and a video of her relaxing in her hospital bed using a stroller. The last photo was one of her father gently rubbing her foot on her surgically repaired leg.
"I'm very grateful to all of the experts, including the expert pictured, my pop rubbing my foot to remind my foot, while still unable to move, that it is connected to my body," she wrote. "I'm already up and down. Thank you for your care and kind words. Let us always remember those without insurance. Let us remember those who have decisions. Let us remember those who are lonely and fearful."
Judd maintained a close relationship with her father despite a tumultuous family life, which she described in detail in her 2011 memoir "All That Is Bitter and Sweet".
She wrote that she and her sister, country star Wynonna Judd, found out as adults that Ciminella was not Wynonnaa's birth father and that her mother, country singer Naomi Judd, had kept it a secret from them.
She wrote that her mother tried to turn her on her father after her divorce, but that despite all the dysfunction, the family finally got together.
"I am pleased to say that each of us has initiated a personal healing process and my family is healthier than ever," she wrote in 2011. "We have come a long way. In our individual and collective recovery we have learned that mental illness and addiction are family diseases that span and affect generations. "
After her ordeal in South Africa, Judd also expressed her "deepest and most vulnerable thanks" to the nurses who looked after her. She wrote on Instagram that her leg "had no pulse" when she arrived and that she "urgently needed a blood transfusion".
The actress and activist previously recorded her ordeal in two Instagram Live videos hosted by New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof from her hospital bed in South Africa. She also thanked the "Congolese brothers and sisters" who had helped and wrote on Instagram that without her help, she may have died from internal bleeding or lost her leg.
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