At 2012 Olympics, Kobe Bryant told Russell Westbrook not to defer to Kevin Durant with Thunder

Kobe Bryant reportedly spent the 2012 Olympics with Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook.
Durant had just led the NBA in the standings. Durants and Westbrooks Donner defeated Bryants Lakers in the second round en route to the NBA finals and were clearly a rising force. But Los Angeles added Dwight Howard and Steve Nash and still had plans to compete.
Adrian Wojnarowski from ESPN:
I remember spending much of, or part of, the 2012 Olympics with Kobe with Russell Westbrook and Russ saying, “You know, you should win titles. I don't know why you're letting Kevin win titles. You should be the one to win them. “Anything he could do to plant a little seed of contradiction with two teammates was pretty fun.
The Lakers didn't hold out. Nash was washed up. Howard struggled with an injury and left after just a year. Bryant's health soon deteriorated.
But Oklahoma City never kept its promise either. Westbrook evolved into a bigger role - causing many awkward moments as he dominated the ball when the more efficient Durant stood by.
In 2016, Durant - reportedly frustrated with Westbrook beating the ball and clogging the gaps - left thunder for the warriors. Durant said he was tired of being the only player on the team who could reliably shoot jumpers.
What a classic Kobe story.
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