Atlanta officer Garrett Rolfe was fired after fatally shooting Rayshard Brooks. He had recently been trained in de-escalation tactics and cultural awareness.

Atlanta police officer Garrett Rolfe shot Rayshard Brooks on Friday when 27-year-old Brooks ran away in a Wendy parking lot.
Atlanta Police Department
The encounter between Rayshard Brooks and two police officers at a Wendy's in Atlanta started peacefully, but escalated quickly when the two police officers tried to handcuff Brooks.
When Brooks ran, officers Garrett Rolfe and Devin Brosnan chased him, and Rolfe opened fire and killed Brooks.
Rolfe was released from the department while Brosnan ended up on administrative leave.
Rolfe had completed approximately 2,000 hours of police training, including courses on de-escalation tactics, cultural awareness, and the use of lethal violence, THV11 reported.
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Two Atlanta police officers responded to the complaint on Friday evening from a man who slept in his car when Wendy passed through.
The interaction between Rayshard Brooks, a 27-year-old black man, and officers Garrett Rolfe and Devin Brosnan started peacefully. After failing an alcohol breath test, Brooks offered to go to his sister's house, which he said was nearby. But things went wrong when the couple tried to arrest Brooks, and he resisted before snatching a taser from one of the officers and running away, according to body camera recordings and officers' surveillance.
Rolfe shot three shots and fatally hit Brooks.
The Fulton County medical examiner's office said in a statement that Brooks' death had been classified as a murder, the New York Times reported. The official cause of death was listed as "gunshot wounds to the back" causing "organ injuries and blood loss".
An indictment is expected soon, but District Attorney Paul Howard told CNN on Sunday that Brooks "is not a threat to anyone and the fact that it would escalate to his death simply seems unreasonable".
Rolfe was released from the department and Brosnan was taken on administrative leave on Sunday.
According to the CBS subsidiary THV11, Rolfe had recently completed training in de-escalation techniques.
It had been in use for seven years, the Atlanta Journal reported.
His personal file also showed that he had completed 2,000 hours of police training, including a cultural awareness course in April and another on fatal violence in January. Rolfe has also participated in several tactical team operations and firearm training, said THV11.
According to the report, in May 2019, the Atlanta Rolfe police commended his role in the department's high-intensity traffic team, which is tasked with reducing "traffic related injuries and deaths" and "reducing alcohol and drug related traffic offenses by" focusing on Enforcing traffic in relation to alcohol and / or drug disabled drivers, "said the agency’s policy manual.
The year before the award was received, Rolfe received a silver lapel pin for 50 to 99 DUI arrests, THV11 reported.
The Atlanta Police Department did not immediately respond to insider requests for comments or records.
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