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White Lotus: Aubrey Plaza psychologically tortured Adam DiMarco

Adam DiMarco; AubreyPlaza
Aubrey Plaza might be our most idiosyncratic star, though she insists she's "so much more normal than people think I am" in a new GQ profile. "Look at me, I eat yogurt," she says, her approach to average (though she later admits she's "not exactly your average Jane"). All of this would be far more believable if she hadn't already admitted to psychologically torturing her co-star Adam DiMarco on the set of The White Lotus season 2.
Yes, in a perfectly normal move, Plaza tricked DiMarco into believing he was being molested by an anonymous malevolent witch. Living on the set of the series' titular hotel, Plaza eased her own boredom by leaving reed diffusers "arranged in a large Blair Witch-style icon" on the floor of DiMarco's dressing room -- and her own. She escalated the prank by shoving "ominous messages reading lies here..." under people's doors.
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It seems obvious, even to someone who casually knows her personality, that Plaza was the culprit, but she's also an actress. Not only did she take aim at herself, but she also convinced DiMarco "over bottles of red wine" that it wasn't her. She continued to deny her involvement even after hotel staff presented video evidence of the sabotage. "For these Italians, I was a suspicious character," she says. "They thought I was sketchy. What I am."
But now she's ready to admit her wrongdoing: "Adam was as innocent as a baby bird. It was really sick what I did to him. I brought him to the brink of a mental breakdown." DiMarco agrees, "I definitely questioned my reality there for a while," he tells the outlet. "I didn't know who to trust. It was like Murder on the Orient Express. Everyone was the killer.” What's a little harmless bullying among friends, isn't it?
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