Aventador Replacement Reportedly Breaks Down on the Side of the Road, Spy Photographers Go Wild

Photo credit: KGP Photography
Spy photographers in Italy got lucky when a prototype for Lamborghini's Aventador replacement was parked on the side of the road, describing the car as appearing broken. The resulting images give us our most detailed look yet at the car's well-hidden design.
We first saw the Aventador replacement in December, but back then it wore a lot more camouflage. Judging by these spy shots, the body of the car is much closer to the final product, only hidden by the funky camouflage wrap and a pair of fake tail light stickers on the rear to scare people away.
As far as we know, this car, which has yet to be publicly named, will take much of its styling from the Terzo Millennio concept first shown in 2017, with thinner headlights and lots of Y-shaped accents. There are a few features that also remind us of the extremely limited Sián FKP 37.
With the car stranded, photographers were able to get very close to the prototype and capture some extremely detailed parts of the body and even parts of the engine bay, which, unsurprisingly for a prototype, was essentially just a nest of disorganized wires.
Lamborghini hasn't said exactly what kind of powertrain the Aventador replacement will have, but former boss Stefano Domenicali said back in 2017 that it would have a naturally aspirated V-12. That motor probably won't be the sole source of torque, however, as Chief Technical Officer Maurizio Reggiani told us in 2019 that it will be paired with supercapacitor-type hybrid technology. We'll just have to wait and see.
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