Avoid 'knee-jerk' investing decisions amid election uncertainty: financial adviser

Mariner Wealth Advisors' chief executive Jana Shoulders urges clients to remain calm in the face of uncertainty over the upcoming US presidential election.
Don't try to be "heroic" or make "jerky decisions," "Shoulders said in an interview with Yahoo Finance. She advises clients to keep their focus on the long term and not get involved in asset allocation from fear of the election results "A lot of people are a bit paralyzed. We're trying to get back to the basics," she said. Even if there was a democratic takeover, Shoulders would call back history to defend their case. "Historically, the performance of the S&P 500 33 through 2019 say that's still an average annual return of 9%. "
Regardless of who wins the 2020 election, many business leaders and investors alike believe taxes will rise, according to a recent poll by PricewaterhouseCoopers. Shoulders also support these beliefs. "We have to pay in debt for what we create," she said.
For those concerned about a tax hike, steps need to be taken to protect portfolios, which Shoulders explains in two parts. "There's the income tax aspect. If taxes go up, does that mean you want some income this year?" Asked shoulders.
Added to this are the effects from the estate tax perspective, for which there is already a tax exemption of USD 11.58 million. “Maybe we want to use some of it. Let's use it instead of saving it or taking the chance that we will change next year, which could be retroactive, ”she says. "We now know that this is a risk."
Jennifer Shanker is a producer for Yahoo Finance.
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