Bachelor Nation Stars Stand By Rachel Lindsay After She Deletes Instagram Due to Harassment

The stars of the Bachelor Nation show their support for Rachel Lindsay.
On Friday, February 27, The Bachelorette alum deactivated her Instagram account after being bombarded with "hateful" comments in the ABC franchise controversy. Rachel's podcast co-host Van Lathan explained in more detail why she decided to leave the social media platform.
"She did it because she gets so much hate from Bachelor fans spamming her with all sorts of rude, hateful things," Van said in a video posted on his Instagram. "You have to get an f-king life seriously."
"This harassment goes too far," he said of his post while calling Chris Harrison directly and wrote, "Do you agree that people can reach Rachel so far that she can no longer even exist on IG. Is someone." from all over the world?" 'Bachelor Nation' will stand up and condemn this harassment of a black woman? Yo it's just a king tv show, you really need to relax. I love you, RACH. F - k these people. "
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The reality TV personality Instagram deactivation comes weeks after Chris announced he was "stepping down" from the franchise, which he revealed after coming under fire for his comments on Rachael Kirkconnell in an extra interview with Rachel .
After the news that Rachel had to delete her Instagram, the stars of the Bachelor Nation have gathered around her.
Becca Kufrin: "I said this privately, but I will also say it publicly because it is an important topic that needs to be addressed ... To Rachel Lindsay: I love you, I stand by you and support you in every way and way. " We live in a world where online toxicity, racism, racial insensitivity and ignorance, bullying and cruelty have become the norm. That's just not okay, "she continued." The fact that my friend Rachel had to deactivate her personal Instagram account because of extreme hatred and harassment is so incredibly daunting and upset. It's a sad reality of the world we live in that needs to change. "
Rachel Lindsay
Nick Viall: It's sad to have to say this at all, but Chris Harrison is in the position he is in based on what he said, not anything Rachel did. If you want to support Chris while he is down you should know this will be obvious to most of the people reading this, but if you are one of the people who sent Rachel hateful or racist comments, look Please look seriously at what is in your heart. Your priorities have seriously gotten out of hand. "
JoJo Fletcher: "To be honest, it's so sad that I have to type this message in, but unfortunately it's not a new topic. If you follow me and think it's okay to send hateful, hateful and harassing comments, take it Please. A moment of deep self-reflection and understanding of what this says about you. To hear Rachel Lindsay had to turn off her report on the terrible bullying is terrible and unacceptable. We need to get together and be kinder to each other. If you're ever on the wrong side Side, do better. Be better. "
Rachel Lindsay, Becca Kufrin
Bryan Abasolo: "I love you, I appreciate you, I believe in you and I just wanted to let you know how proud I am of you. Go ahead and never stop being you and fighting for what is right . "
Katie Thurston: I stand with Rachel Lindsay in everything she is. I strive to be as smart as you are. As wild as it is. As entertaining as it is. As caring as she is. We'd all be lucky to have a Rachel Lindsay in our lives. While many of us do not know her personally, she has allowed us all to follow her. She invited us into her life. Many did not respect her. She has now deleted her IG account. I want to always be a Rachel Lindsay supporter. And if you are part of the hatred she is experiencing, don't follow me now. In the meantime, if you love and support her as much as I do, visit her website to learn more about the various projects this talented woman has been involved in. "
Becca Tilley: "The fact that we are in a place where people are so comfortable, so hateful that someone is the best option to deactivate their Instagram account is appalling. Rachel Lindsay and others BIPOC have spoken out against racism and demand that people do it. " Being held accountable and asked that the undergraduate franchise does better and the reaction they get on a daily basis is just more hatred. People are so quick to put their time and energy into sustaining the hatred and lighting the fire instead of just listening and being open to learning and growing. If you get mad at people who are crazy about racism, that's where I would start and wonder why. "
<blockquote class = "twitter-tweet"> <p lang = "en" dir = "ltr"> Rachel Lindsay did not fire Chris Harrison. He did. It's unfair how the burden of ABC's inability to create a brand with a culture of inclusion, diversity, and non-racial prejudice fell on their shoulders. I stand by her. Everything has to change. Let's go, Bachelor </ p> - Nicole Lopez-Alvar (@nicolelovar) <a href=""> February 27, 2021 </ a > </ blockquote> <script async src = "" charset = "utf-8"> </ script>
Mike Johnson: "@therachlindsay we loved you!"
Nicole Lopez-Alvar: Rachel Lindsay didn't fire Chris Harrison. He did. It's unfair, like the burden of ABC's inability to create a brand with a culture of inclusion, diversity and non-racial prejudice on theirs Shoulders had to drop. I stand by her. Everything has to change. Let's go, Bachelor. "
Ashley Spivey: "Hey Bachelor Nation [waving hand emoji]. If you know and are a past candidate, it's literally up to you to practice now the alliance you've been promising for months. If you see someone like @TheRachLindsay or." [Taylor attacks Nolan] -stop it. Don't allow these comments on your posts. "
Olivia Caridi: "Here's What You Can Do to Help @TheRachLindsay: Leave Five Stars and a Supporting Comment on Their Podcasts, Higher Learning & Bachelor Happy Hour. Do It!"
Alexis Waters: "Bro @TheRachLindsay didn't fire Chris Harrison ... if you don't like her or their opinions, keep fucking scrolling ... bullying is not the answer."
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