'Bachelorette' couple Tayshia Adams, Zac Clark on moment they knew it was love

On Tuesday evening, fans watched excitedly as Tayshia Adams and Zac Clark got engaged in the season 16 finale of "The Bachelorette".
The 30-year-old podcast host agreed to the 36-year-old addiction specialist's suggestion in the last moments of the show and drove his cardboard NYC taxi into the sunset.
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Now, months after filming ended, the couple spoke to Good Morning America about when they knew they loved each other, what they'd learned about themselves on the show, who they thought their season was in A good bachelor's degree in the future and more. Scroll down for this chat.
PHOTO: 'The Bachelorette' Tayshia Adams and Zac C. (Craig Sjodin / ABC)
GMA: People love your engagement and some call it the best in the show's history. What do you remember most?
Adams: We were just ourselves and it's very nice that they say that. I remember his suggestion - I really remember a lot of it. I feel like it was just so real and authentic and true to him. He hit a lot of points that, I don't know, we went through throughout our trip. It meant a lot to him to bring this up again and just cement his feelings for me and validate myself.
Clark: I think that suggestion was a will for us. We both made a commitment to be authentic throughout the trip, and I think everyone saw that in those final moments.
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GMA: Can you pinpoint a moment when each of you knew that the other person would end up being right for you?
Adams: It wasn't until the end that I thought he was the person in the end. I think there have been several instances throughout the trip where I have said, "I really got to see myself with this man". I mean, already in our one-on-one interview. I just think that our relationship has grown really organically and very naturally. That was something I didn't really want to speed up, if you will, I just want it to happen when it should.
Clark: There was a moment during our night when she fell asleep in my arms and there wasn't a burning need to stay up all night talking about everything. I felt very peaceful and comfortable with where we were and I felt like if we felt like there were all these other things to discuss we would have stayed up all night but it was just that feeling of consolation, just kind of sit there and let her fall asleep. Okay, we're good. We are good now.
PHOTO: 'The Bachelorette' Tayshia Adams and Zac C. (Craig Sjodin / ABC)
GMA: You learned a lot from each other on this trip, but what did you learn about yourself?
Adams: That I just have to keep trusting myself. I think it's really easy to guess yourself and think about the what-ifs and all the negative things that could possibly go wrong, but at the end of the day your gut knows, your heart knows, and you have to just follow and you are good i think i did just that and it got me to him so i guess it worked out fine for me.
Clark: Bet on yourself. There is nothing like betting on yourself and really believing in yourself. This whole thing is definitely going to challenge you. I'm good at blocking out some things and focusing on what I need to focus on, but I'm human you know and feelings come into play - even after the show. I mean there are a lot of really good people. Tayshia deserves a lot of credit for taking it easy and taking on a lot of all these guys. I think that kind of didn't give enough airtime, the job she did, and just took over a lot from a lot of these different guys.
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GMA: You were both married before. What have you learned from these relationships and how have you grown as individuals since then that will help you in your life together?
Clark: I was married 11 years ago so it's been a minute. What I know about this experience is that I wasn't ready to get married. I grew up with this basic idea of ​​what a marriage should be like. That means you get into a relationship, you buy a house, you have a family and you get on with your life. I sold myself briefly. Having had the time between then and now to truly grow as a person and become my own, I'm in a much better position to be not just for myself, but the best possible partner for the other person concerned.
Adams: I think I learned that communication definitely has to be a fundamental element that is strong between the two people, but also trust and loyalty - and I think we have that. We work on that every day just to improve it, because without that I don't really know what we have.
PHOTO: 'The Bachelorette' Tayshia Adams and Zac C. (Craig Sjodin / ABC)
GMA: Which applicant from this season would you most like to see as your next Bachelor? After Matt James, of course.
Adams: Oh boy. I dont know. See it's a long way down the street ...
Clark: Ed!
Adams: Ed! Ed would be great. Dear Ed.
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Clark: In all seriousness though, one of the biggest questions I get is how the other guys were. They were all unique to a man, but all good. And I mean that with all my heart.
Adams: I agree.
GMA: Are there any double-date plans with your season 16 couple, Clare Crawley and Dale Moss?
Adams: That would be so fun. Unfortunately, COVID still exists. So when everything subsides a bit and we can be outdoors, we will surely meet. But until then I have to be safe.
'Bachelorette' couple Tayshia Adams, Zac Clark, when they knew it was love, originally appeared on goodmorningamerica.com

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