Bachelorette Mystery Solved: Religion 'Roadblock' That Doomed Tayshia and Ivan's Relationship Revealed

Bachelorette viewers scratched their noggin Tuesday night when Tayshia Adams gave the boot to finalist and fan favorite Ivan Hall because of her religious differences. The couple then alluded to "important" conversations they had had on the subject of faith, with Hall himself acknowledging that he feared this would be an "obstacle" to their future together.
There was only one problem: the couple never discussed religion on camera, creating a Titanic-sized plot hole for the audience.
Well, Hall now brings some clarity to the murky situation.
In an Instagram message to Bachelor alum Caila Quinn after Tuesday's finals, Hall stated, "She just wants to date a Christian and I'm not religious." Then he remarked, "I am open to and have dated any religion."
Adams and Hall split came in the first minutes of the season end on Tuesday (read our full recap here). "I wish I could say there were a lot of red flags before this week, [but] it's just that religion is an important part of my beliefs at the end of the day," Adams Hall explained vaguely before lowering the boom .
After his elimination, Hall revealed in his final confessional that he “knew in the back of his mind that this could be the bomb that is going to explode everything here. And it just happened. "
In the end, Adams gave the last rose to her fiancé, Zack Clark.
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