Bachelorette 's Andrew Spencer Says He's 'Disappointed and Embarrassed' by Past Insensitive Tweets

Andrew Spencer
Andrew Spencer / Instagram
Andrew Spencer says he's grown since making insensitive social media posts years ago.
The Bachelorette candidate addressed past insensitive tweets made while speaking to Entertainment Tonight during the recent tapping of the Men Tell All special.
According to Page Six, Spencers' resurfaced tweets, allegedly dating from around 2014, contained abusive language and were often misogynistic, including one that referred to women as "fat hoes".
"This is just really immature. I own it and don't downplay it. I'm really sorry people had to see that side of me," Spencer, 26, told ET. “Of course you don't want to hide that. It's part of my life and it's mine, but this is nowhere near who I am today. Of course, I show that every day in the way I speak. "
“If my mom had seen these tweets, she would certainly have shot me in the ass,” he said, adding, “[I'm] definitely disappointed and embarrassed about it, but that's 1000 percent not what I am today am ."
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The Bachelorette Admirers
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The football player was sent home by Bachelorette Katie Thurston last week. After Thurston decided not to give Spencer a rose, they had a tearful conversation about her decision when she left him.
"You are such a great man," she told him during the episode. “And you give 100 percent for everything that you're passionate about, and that's what you deserve. And I can't give you that. I couldn't look your mother or sister in the eye and tell them what they want to hear because they know what you deserve. I know what you deserve. "
In a confessional he said, “I would like nothing more than to be with her. ... But I want my future wife to choose me, and you know I wasn't chosen. So I had to say no. I don't want to go through this with her again. I don't want to stand at a rose ceremony and wait for her not to choose me. "
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In an Instagram post after the episode aired, Spencer thanked fans for supporting him on the reality show and shared his hopes that things will go forward - and Thurston endorsed #AndrewforBachelor in the comment section.
“I am grateful that we can put smiles on faces and share a variety of different feelings with all of you. I have never claimed to be a perfect man, nor do I expect to win everyone's approval, ”he wrote in the caption. “I'm just trying to touch the hearts of a few with my life experiences and joyous love. What you saw is 1000% ME. Maybe minus a few tears. did you put something in the water there in NM? I hope I represented my mom well along with family and friends and hope that I have further improved the perception of black men on this show. "
"Katie, thank you for strengthening my belief in love. Your strength as a woman set the tone that 30 men are open and vulnerable, which is not easy for men," he continued. "And for that it brought the guys in the house closer and some really good friends of mine. You and I shared a lot of real conversations, coupled with real romance that sparked discussions in living rooms and knocked out some of our connection. British voice)" Hello dear, I am really grateful that you allowed me to experience your kind of love. "
Spencer recently told PEOPLE that after graduation he remains optimistic about finding love.
"That's my # 1 goal. You know, you can wish for money; I want to be able to live my life and my days with myself, my partner, whatever you want to call it. I'm a hopeless romantic - I am I. I always grew up with my mother with rom-coms and fell in love with love. I didn't see it in my mother's relationship, I didn't see it in my sister's and we just got a long line and a story of failed marriages and I just want love for myself, and I believe in that. "
The Bachelorette will air Mondays (8 p.m. ET) on ABC.
With reporting by TOPHER GAUK-ROGER

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