‘Bad things are going to happen to him’: Trump threatens unmasked ‘Anonymous’ whistleblower at Florida rally

President Donald Trump kisses First Lady Melania Trump before a campaign rally outside Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. REUTERS / Jonathan Ernst
Donald Trump appeared to be threatening a former mid-level Homeland Security official who penned a comment under the pseudonym "Anonymous" two years ago slamming the President and saying, "Bad things will happen" Miles Taylor.
“There should be serious criminal liability for scum like this. ... He should be prosecuted. Are you listening to me in washington He should be prosecuted, ”the President said in a message to his own Justice Department. "Along with the New York Times."
"Bad things will happen to him," he added to Mr. Taylor, who was heavily criticized for panning his ex-boss while playing a role in the Trump administration's immigrant child separation program.
However, Mr Trump's threat is questionable. He has fired others who crossed him, including some who testified in the House Democrats' impeachment negotiations.
But Mr Taylor left the administration leaving Mr Trump with few options.
The whistleblower responded in real time after being satisfied during a CNN interview on Wednesday night that he was not disclosing himself on financial grounds.
"The state of open disagreement in America: President ridicules critics as" traitors "and" traitors "; threatens to" prosecute "and" imprison them "; and threateningly warns that" bad things "will happen to them. We are ? ”Mr. Taylor tweeted.
The president also bragged about his coronavirus response, saying up to 2 million people could have died in the United States. With cases and deaths rapidly increasing again, this could still happen.
He again downplayed the severity of the virus: "If I can get better, anyone can get better," he said of his own battle with Covid-19 that landed him in a military facility in Washington, DC for parts of four days .
On "Anonymous" in September 2018, the President vowed to find the author who described himself as a current official at the time who was part of a "two-pronged" government, with Mr Trump being his own thing, ordinary employees did something else. "The dilemma - which (Trump) does not fully grasp - is that many of the senior officials in his own administration are diligently working from the inside out to thwart parts of his agenda and his worst inclinations," wrote Mr Taylor under the pseudonym. "I would know. I am one of them."
"But we believe that our first duty to this country is and the President continues to act in a manner that is detrimental to the health of our republic," the no longer anonymous author wrote in 2018. "That is why many appoint Trump I I vowed to do everything possible to preserve our democratic institutions and at the same time to thwart Mr. Trump's misguided impulses until he is no longer in office. "
On Wednesday night, a rally crowd cheered in Goodyear, Arizona when Mr. Trump called Mr. Taylor a "laundry bag"
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