‘Bargain Mansions’ Host Tamara Day on Having to Stray From Both Bargains and Mansions to Meet HGTV Demands

The Bargain Mansions presenter, Tamara Day, hadn't "expected to cry" as a result of HGTV's recent Coronavirus-era "Design at Your Door" show, but she did - more than once. You could too.
For night 1 of the new series - a season in which she is a guest twice - Day was commissioned to conceive, design, shop and run a family via webcam in order to restore their guest room. Because of HGTV's partnership with the program, the Kansas City native, who is used to renovating villas, had to buy all supplies on Walmart.com.
Day told TheWrap that she was "really pleasantly surprised" by the "variety" of the items on the inexpensive big box store website: "It took me longer than it should have been because I was drawn in," she said of the furniture - and decor decisions.
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Although her hands stay clean and no boots are required for the virtual series, Day is used to working with what is ahead of her for HGTV and her previous DIY network.
Day's "Bargain Mansions", who have just finished their best-rated season to date, can no longer rely on the dictionary definitions of "Bargain" or "Villas". Getting rid of the name of a series a little isn't a unique problem - it's not even Day's only problem at HGTV alone. Expanding a first topic and a memorable title is not a "problem" at all for these renovation shows - it is evidence of the continued success and demand for more and more consequences.
"In the beginning, I originally wanted all of these 100-year-old houses in the city center, [but] it just isn't possible to keep going and make money," Day told us about her daily reality series. “Or don't lose money, I think, because there are only so many of them on the market at the same time and it has become a really hot and popular area. And so move it a little further and further and father until we have evolved from the 100 year old houses to newer houses - the houses of the 60s, 70s and 80s - which I add character back. "
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What "really matters" is a house that is "at the right price" and "freaky," Day said. This applies both to "Bargain Mansions" and to their projects that are not televised.
These large, old villas in the Four State Area, where Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma almost touch, used to cost $ 20,000 to $ 30,000, Day said. To use her last name as a word game one last time, these days are over.
"Now they're selling for $ 120,000. Over the course of four or five years, prices have skyrocketed," she said. "And I'm not helping that ... I'm sabotaging myself!"
The premiere of “Design at Your Door” will take place on Thursday, June 11th at 9 / 8c on HGTV. The episode of the day follows at 9:30 p.m. ET / PT.
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