Barn find 1955 Chevy Corvette Hasn't Seen Daylight In 40 Years

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This 1955 Chevrolet Corvette, which has been hidden for 40 years, looks worse in hiding - but now it's out, don't even think about buying it.
Anyone who owns a rare classic car like a 1955 Corvette could tell you that car collectors are always trying to buy them, and that's why Bob Doucette hid his 1955 Corvette - and wanted a safe place to get the car receive .
Doucette has owned the car since his father gave it to him in 1968 as a late graduation gift. His father was already a Corvette enthusiast, who has been fascinated by the cars since the model was launched. When he bought the car for his son, it was a gift for himself to have the car nearby.
Before the car found its way to the Doucette family, it had the original V8 pulled out and replaced with a 283-bore 301-cubic-inch engine with a Duntov camshaft. It was also the subject of an amateur restoration that never closed, so that some panels, the bonnet and stone guards for the headlights were missing.
When it caught the attention of Doucette and his father, it was offered for sale for $ 600, so they picked it up and drove it 60 miles back to their West Texas home from where they had bought it. From there, the car was restored over the course of the summer and should be used well - in the first 9 to 10 years when it became Bob's car, the Corvette was put on an autocross track, drag-raced and took part in auto shows .
The car is now parked in the house (and covered with blankets and towels). Doucette was brought home from the hospital. Doucette wanted to keep the car close to home and kept his location secret from those who wondered where the car has been for 20 years. Over the years, he became more and more nervous about the car and even climbed into the garage windows to keep people from looking inside and seeing it.
For the first time since installation, Doucette decided to peel off the various layers of fabric that covered the car, finding little memories of the car's past. After Doucette finally shows his face again, he admits that he wants to take it out and tidy it up, but at the moment Bob has covered it with the blankets again.
Because of its sentimental value, Doucette regards the classic Corvette as a family heirloom, and a sale is out of the question.
Source: Jerry Heasley Youtube
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