Barn Find 1975 Pontiac Trans Am 455 HO Gets Washed

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This thing is absolutely filthy!
In the video included in this article, we see a real barn find. 1975 Pontiac Trans Am 455 HO is cleaned thoroughly inside and out. If your career goes into washing barn cars like Larry Kosilla, owner of Ammo NYC, you've seen some absolutely disgusting bodies and interiors. That's why, even when he wonders about the condition of this American muscle car and says it is one of the dirtiest he has ever seen, it becomes evident how important it is to have it for the first time in two decades to wash.
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See even more barns here that find the first car washes.
Washing this Trans Am presents Kosilla with real challenges. Thanks to sitting and baking in the sun, the color is pretty devastated. This makes it a problem to get rid of the dirt that has clung to it. However, you will see the Ammo NYC expertise at play that you get by hiring a professional obsessed with soaps, car paints, paint jobs, etc. for this type of job. Most people would just grind the body down and start over, but the guy who saved this Pontiac wants to keep whatever he can.
Photo credit: YouTube
There is a heated debate in the automotive world about whether you should preserve or restore various parts of cars, especially barn finds like these. Jerry Seinfeld is very much in the conservation camp, where rust and discolored paint are worn like badges of honor. Others prefer not to even have a hint of orange peel on their car because they want it to look better than fresh from the factory.
Photo credit: YouTube
The video gives you a good idea of ​​how difficult it can be to store items in a car that is not well maintained. Some are happy to take on this challenge, while others feel it makes no sense to devote the resources to it. Where do you end up in this debate? Let us know and enjoy the video.
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