Bars and restaurants 'reaching point of no return'

Bars and restaurants across much of England are facing a severe blow from the new coronavirus restrictions, the hotel industry warned.
Liverpool bars and pubs have been ordered to close as of Wednesday and are receiving financial support.
But venues in "Tier 2" areas, including much of the North and Midlands, will become less habitual and households will no longer be allowed to mix indoors.
Many have already reached "the point of no return," said UK Hospitality.
And these companies would experience "the worst of both worlds" and not be eligible for the additional support described last week, the industry group said.
How does the three-tier locking system work?
What am I paid under the Job Support Scheme?
Liverpool at a "very high" level in the Covid tier system
Best Western Hotel Group's executive director Rob Paterson said the ban on household mixing means his company is now preparing for "some pretty difficult times".
"With each restriction, it feels like death by a thousand cuts because each one compromises customer trust," he said.
"Even with a curfew at 10pm and groups of six, no bookings were made. We have started writing off a large amount of business. Work office parties can't have a table of six. It only gets worse and worse. We wrote off Christmas . "
The government announced a new three-tier restriction system on Monday. Bars are closing in parts of England hardest hit by the coronavirus, although restaurants may still be open.
In "Tier 2" areas, which include Manchester, Birmingham, Nottingham and many other cities, socializing is limited to members of your own household or your own bubble. Tier 1 areas are still subject to lighter restrictions: the 6 p.m. rule and the 10 p.m. curfew.
"It looks bleak for Tier 3 businesses that are forced to close their doors, but the closed-end support announced last week will hopefully give them the space they need to weather another lockdown," said Kate, managing director of UK Hospitality Nicholls.
"There is currently a worrying lack of support for hospitality businesses in Tier 2 and, to a lesser extent, Tier 1, even though trade restrictions are falling by 40% to 60%."
"Percolating Effect"
Bars, gyms, casinos, leisure centers and betting shops across Liverpool will have to close on Wednesday, leaving businesses there "confused, frustrated and angry," according to Paul Cherpeau, chief executive of the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce.
But it's not just businesses that will feel the effects, he said.
"While our visitor economy will bear the brunt of these new restrictions, the seepage effect on supply chains is extremely worrying."
Households can no longer mix in pubs in tier 2 areas
Companies ranging from taxi companies to food and beverage suppliers are likely to feel the effects of the new measures.
"Brewery sales have collapsed amid uncertainty about further restrictions as pubs fear they will close," said Ian Fozard, chairman of the Society of Independent Brewers.
"While pubs that are closed by law can get financial support, this doesn't seem to apply to small breweries, which will lose more than 80% of their sales."
Andrew Selley, executive director of Bidfood, which delivers groceries to a range of outlets from pubs and cinemas to schools and hospitals, said the government had failed to see the impact on businesses like his.
"They supported hospitality and it is justified because hospitality is under pressure. What they haven't done is support the supply chain that supports hospitality, education and healthcare. We have not received any direct grants, no discharge on business rates. " no rental support. "

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