Bear abandoned during storm dies after Colorado wildlife officials try to save her

NOTE: This story has been updated to reflect an announcement made Tuesday by wildlife officials that the bear "did not survive the night."
An 11-pound bear found abandoned when a storm rolled through part of Colorado "didn't survive the night" after officials rushed to rescue it.
A homeowner spotted the bear near Colorado Springs Monday and called wildlife officials. When they got there, they found what they thought was a hatchling "near death," said Colorado Parks and wildlife officer Cassidy English on Twitter.
English gave the bear fluids, a blanket, and a heater to save them. She then took the bear to a rehabilitation center.
On Tuesday officials said the bear was not a cub, but a starving yearling. A yearling bear should weigh between 30 and 40 pounds. This bear weighed 11.
"It's the worst case of hunger in a bear I've ever seen," said Michael Sirochman, manager of the rehabilitation center, on Twitter.
Wildlife officials worked to moisturize and warm the bear, but it did not survive the night. Officials tried to save the bear by giving him fluids, food and a blanket.
"She was very sluggish," said English in a video. "She was in a storm last night so she was very cold."
The bear could eat and he felt better afterwards, said English.
Unfortunately, the bear couldn't survive, wildlife officials said.
"We saved three boys last year," said Sirochman. "But that bear was too far away."
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