Behind-the-back pass remains in the Patrick Mahomes arsenal, waiting to be deployed

When you least expect it, expect it.
For all the things quarterback Patrick Mahomes has done in three seasons as a starter in Kansas City, there's another trick up his sleeve. Or as the case can be behind his back.
Yes, the possibility of a behind-the-back pass in the game remains real. After defeating the Dolphins last week, Mahomes explained to PFT when and how it might be used.
"There are a couple of pieces that I've done in the field that I've been able to achieve success with," Mahomes said. "For me it has to be in the right situation. I'm not going to do it in a one-score game or anything. I'll be a little sure of that. If we get a high-scoring game that we have to take advantage of, what the defense gives us, then I could bring it out. "
Maybe this is today. Maybe next week. Whenever and wherever, this is the next level Mahomes will take his game to, and the next moment building the legacy and legend of the man who may become the greatest player at every position in the game's history.
The behind-the-back pass will remain in the Patrick Mahomes arsenal, waiting to be used. He originally appeared on Pro Football Talk

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