Bekah Martinez Tandem Breastfeeds Toddler & Newborn — & We're in Awe

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Breastfeeding a child can be a difficult task - even if you have enough exercise at some point to keep track of it. Breastfeeding two children at the same time? It's a juggling act that always impresses us. Bachelor graduate Bekah Martinez seemed to be trying this out on the weekend after giving birth to her second child on Friday.
"In case you were wondering how breastfeeding works," Martinez wrote in her Instagram stories, showing her 1-year-old daughter Ruth Ray De La Luz on one breast and her newborn son (whose name she hasn't yet revealed has) the other. (Since the story is over, look at the picture on Us Weekly.)
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After the incredible effort to give birth to another person, imagine what it's like to feed two of them from your own body. Hats and bras off to Martinez.
We are big supporters of "Fed is Best" here at SheKnows, so no judgment for those who cannot or do not want to breastfeed their babies and for those who have to stop before their children are 1 The World Health Organization is committed to this that children "receive nutritional supplements and continue breastfeeding until the age of 2 years or above" in order to achieve optimal health and growth. So little Ruth has the right to still get her share of mom's milk. And if mothers with several children can do it, so can the mother of a toddler and a baby.
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Breastfeeding Ruth Tandem is also a wonderful way to connect with your brother and know that your bond with your mother is still as strong as ever. (There are other ways to do this if you are not breastfeeding yet!)
Martinez and her boyfriend's youngest child, Grayston Leonard, was born early Friday morning, announced Martinez on Saturday and said they still had no name for him. Leonard posted another photo of his son that says he’s Old Bob.
Then he felt the need to sort this out on Sunday.
"His name isn't actually Old Bob, as much as I wish for it," he said in his Instagram stories. "It's just a nickname right now."
Be careful - sometimes these nicknames stay!
Enjoy these other beautiful photos of tandem breastfeeding in action.
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