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Bella Hadid lives out every girl's glamorous fantasy of dipping her hair and body in Swarovski crystals.
The model took to Instagram to take a behind-the-scenes look at the work that went into encasing every inch of her body and hair in iconic diamond crystals. Acting as the brand's muse, Hadid has fallen in love with glitzy glam for his recent holiday campaign. Through the snaps, you can see her neck and wrist covered in premium glacial sheen. It took a team of seven people to place the jewels individually over the most exposed parts of her body and through her slicked-back ballet knot. The gems also cover the entire silhouette of her see-through, nude catsuit. With all the crystal detailing, we need a closer look at Swarovski's detailed manicure to gaze at for more inspiration.
With the holiday season in full swing, we expect many beauty enthusiasts to be adorned with rhinestones instead of crystals to recreate this glamorous look. Take another look at the shimmering look ahead.
Bella Hadid
American model

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