Bella Hadid Just Wore Jeans So Baggy, They Defy Gravity

It's couture week in Paris, which means fashion's limits are being pushed to the limit — shoulder pads are thick enough to be mistaken for a Tempurpedic pillow, ruffled tiers engulf evening wear, and celebrities flock to the front rows, in the Hope her looks make the biggest statement. A mainstay in the trendsetters' crew is Bella Hadid, who arguably has more influence on her wardrobe choices off the runway than on the runway. According to Bella Hadid and Balenciaga, baggy jeans are only getting bagger. Can anyone check if Hadid has a side job as a superhero or mad scientist? Her latest look seems to defy the laws of gravity.
In a matter of hours, Bella Hadid wore three completely different Balenciaga looks - gifting us two street style moments and one incredible runway look. Bella Hadid was one of the standout models on the Balenciaga runway (wearing my personal favorite look from the collection), but she certainly had stiff competition with a slew of pop culture icons like Kim Kardashian, Dua Lipa and Nicole Kidman also starring in the show ran . I'm not sure what inspired this America's Next Top Model celebrity spin-off, but I absolutely live for it.
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Bella Hadid's first look of the day was sporty, simple and perfectly matched the model's signature outfits. Hadid wore a one-piece workout shorts set with a quilted vest, which inspired me to add vests as an unexpected addition to my summer fashion moodboard. She paired the look with crumpled white crew socks and Burberry trainers. As Hadid entered the Balenciaga sphere, it was only fitting that she accessorised with a black Balenciaga shoulder bag by Le Cagole.
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After the show (and a gorgeous walk down the runway in a strapless green dress), Bella Hadid emerged in a whole new ensemble. Jeans, crop top, black jacket and sunglasses - the look would be considered simple if it weren't for the extreme proportions of the outfit.
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First of all, Bella Hadid's Balenciaga jeans are almost incredibly baggy and take the low-rise trend to a whole new (low) level. The ultra-wide-leg jeans have a distressed fade that gives them a vintage feel (although I'm not sure what era these gravity-defying pants existed in before) and they hug Hadid's hips miraculously without a belt . Couture is all about tailoring and the theme was not lost on these jeans. But it's the inseam in the crotch, which reaches about mid-thigh, that creates the optical illusion effect of the pants.
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To amp up the ultra-casual look, Bella Hadid paired her jeans with a tight white crop top that further elongated her torso. The addition of a black Balenciaga jacket and pointed heels complete the sporty-chic vibe of the look.
And of course, it's impossible to ignore Hadid's intergalactic-looking sunglasses. While Hadid typically opts for tiny hues (and can be credited with bringing the Y2K trend to your face and Instagram feed), she's switched things up with an over-the-top pair of shield sunglasses. The futuristic hues have become a Balenciaga staple and Bella Hadid was one of many celebrities to rock the look off the runway.
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