Bella Hadid's and Irina Shayk's Facialists Love These 22 Skin-Plumping Gems

As someone whose career consists of interacting with the most talented and sought-after skin gurus in the business, there are some basic rules of "good skin" that are kept in my mind. Of course, there are the obvious guidelines of always removing your makeup before bed, drinking as much water as your bladder can handle, resisting the urge to pop your own pimples, etc. But an interesting tidbit I learned What is - not necessarily publicly known - is that skin care products (also known as essential products that hydrate, nourish, strengthen, and promote collagen) are one of the most strategic ways to get plump, moist, all-round youthful-looking skin in everyone Age. (My 73 year old mom is pure proof of that!)
Of course, there are many cosmetic treatments and procedures (like fillers) that can spice up your complexion. However, if you're looking for a less invasive, expert-approved list of products that offer instant skin benefits, you're in luck.
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Because certain types of beauty products are far more effective than others at promoting a moister, bouncy-looking finish, I reached out to two prominent skin experts, Kristyn Smith, who works with Bella Hadid and Nicole Caroline, who works with Irina Shayk. for some information. Below, both Smith and Caroline reveal the exact skin care products they use and recommend them to their A-list clients. Browse from tools to oils and serums to creams for 22 product gems that provide instant firming and bulging satisfaction.
The best skin care products
NūFace Trinity Facial Toning Kit ($ 325)
"When it comes to permanent toning and toning of the face, there is nothing like microcurrent. Microcurrent stimulates the restoration of damaged tissue and rebuilds the facial muscles (very important, especially when we think about all the ways in which we warp . "our faces), improves muscle tone and contour in the face / neck, temporarily improves local blood circulation, supports lymphatic drainage, improves product penetration, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and tightens and tones the skin. I love the Nūface Pro, but when my clients can't get their hands on a professional, the Trinity is great too! "- Smith
NūFace Fix Line Straightener ($ 149)
"A newer tool that I love - especially for those who are just starting out or for someone with crow's feet or periorbital lip lines - is the NūFace Fix. This tool instantly reduces the appearance of lines, helps reduce dark circles and puffiness, and lifts the upper lip and the corners of the lips and even fills them in. This is a great little morning that will literally help you look pale eyed. I generally encourage my clients to use the Nūface devices along with the Dermaviduals serums that I see below perform. "-smith
Time Master Pro Ultrasonic LED Device ($ 760)
"This used to be just a professional product, but I'm really excited to have it available for home use! The ultrasound technology in this amazing skin tool really replenishes the skin by sending collagen-stimulating ultrasound waves to the base layers of the skin where it really is I use this tool all the time in my treatment room. The ability to replenish can be achieved in just two treatments done 10 minutes a day twice a week, or broken up to two to three minute treatments a couple of times per day Week! Coupled with the CaviPilla serum I will mention later, it's life changing, and I don't say that about a lot of things! "- Caroline
Environ Cosmetic Gold Roll-CIT ($ 300)
"This incredible hand-held 14 karat gold-plated roller features 260 ultra-fine needles made from the highest quality 316 surgical stainless steel. The needles are 0.2 millimeters long and are designed to improve the overall appearance of your skin on areas of the face that require special attention, such as the delicate skin around the eyes, nose and mouth.The gold-plated roller, which naturally suppresses bacterial growth, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin on the skin to fill in and soften fine lines It also improves product absorption by about 85%, which is amazing when you're using great ingredients and want them to actually penetrate your skin and do their magic. "- Smith
Omnilux Contour light therapy mask ($ 395)
"An absolute must in my book is the Omnilux Contour Mask. This mask turns back the clock, because red and infrared rays supply the skin cells with energy and allow them to work optimally! The skin ultimately produces more collagen and elastin (that's what it's all about!" I can't say enough about this mask - the lift, tone and glow is real! "- Smith
Everlasting Comfort Cool Mist humidifier ($ 53)
“Using a humidifier all year round is a surefire way to keep skin cells plump and hydrated. When the water levels in the air drop, it affects not only the air around us, but the moisture levels in ours as well Skin, and that can lead to it, as opposed to plump, glowing skin. Humidifiers are considered a staple for winter indoors, but I also like to use them in spring and summer to keep my room hydrated, especially if you are Use air conditioning. I prefer this model (which you can buy on Amazon!) because of its filterless 6-gallon tank and its low noise level. Pro tip: apply your products to the cool steam to trap the moisture even further. " - Caroline
Skin Gym Facial Cupping Set ($ 35)
"I'm a huge fan of cupping on the face, and I even built an entire facial around it! It's a staple when it comes to filling the skin - blood flow to the face is a wonderful way to get skin plump and that Enhancing your face Cupping does that and more. Use this three or four times a week, apply your favorite oil - I prefer grapeseed oil - and gently move the suction cups up and out, following the natural contours of your face. " - Caroline
The best skin care masks
Enviorn Tri-Biobotanical Revival Masque ($ 83)
"This is a weekly one-stop shop! You can put this on for 15 minutes and as with the Omnilux, you're sure to be happy with your face at the other end of the treatment. (We actually renamed it to 'Facelift' a jar '!) Alternatively, you can also sleep with it as a night mask. In this case, it is ideal to use Environ's Youth Essentia C-Quence Serum (US $ 118) immediately afterwards, and the unique combination of three alpha-hydroxy acids triggers growth factors that stimulate collagen formation support and result in firmer, smoother, more hydrated skin. "- Smith
Straff by Leonard Engelman Perfect TaUT face mask PREMIX ($ 30)
"Sign me up for a product created by Cher's makeup artist! This premixed tightening mask was created by the only Leonard Engelman and was a staple in my makeup kit many moons ago when I do bridal makeup, and I still use them in my skincare parlor at clients' sites today! Although the effect doesn't last forever, it tones and fills the skin instantly due to the isometric effect of the powder / aloe combo. The face turns slightly red when removed but this is normal and due to the increased blood flow (hence the plump effect) and will dissolve after a few minutes. Your face will be plump and prepared for the day! "- Caroline
The best skin caring serums
CaviPilla o2 Multi Serum (95 USD)
"This is seriously one of my Holy Grail products when it comes to plumping skin! I am obsessed with this multi-faceted oxygenated mask / serum as well as my clients. My favorite part about it is that it is meant to be used on its own after Cleansing. One step. Done! It contains an intensive, proprietary blend of patented CEL caviar extract, PLLA (a bio-stimulator that visibly fills and fills the skin by helping the skin to produce new collagen) and niacinamide, hyaluronic acid. and Tripeptide-1 for insane hydration, replenishing and retexturing properties. I recommend this treatment alternating with my resurfacing products three to four times a week! It really does an amazing job of filling in fine lines and increasing collagen production. You wake up seriously with plump, radiant, moist and hydrated skin! "- Caroline
Dermaviduals Hyaluronan NAG Liposomes ($ 0)
Most hyaluronic acid skin care products are routinely used on fine lines and wrinkles, but they do not replace anything that the skin has actually lost. Dermaviduals addresses this problem by releasing N-Acetyl-D-Glucosamine (NAG) into the skin. NAG can increase collagen production and skin elasticity - perfect for those looking for plump skin and a youthful glow! Hyaluronic acid (HA) is like a great water drink for your skin and acts as both a humectant and moisturizer as it allows water to penetrate the skin Skin binds. In the dermis, HA provides adequate structure and moisture supply and eliminates dryness. In conjunction with NAG, the skin - including fine lines and wrinkles - is hydrated, plump and smooth. Best applied in the morning and evening immediately after cleansing! "- Smith
Editor's Note: Dermaviduals is only available at select spas and healthcare professionals. Visit the website to contact a local practitioner.
Dermaviduals Anti-Wrinkle Serum ($ 0)
"This anti-wrinkle serum contains 'para-cress,' also known as spilanthol. Like botox, it reduces the muscle contractions that cause wrinkles, which leads to visible smoothing of the skin. This serum also gives quick results as para Cress is released through the skin with bioidentical liposomes. This product is also great as a targeted treatment as the skin becomes firmer almost instantly! "- Smith
Editor's Note: Dermaviduals is only available at select spas and healthcare professionals. Visit the website to contact a local practitioner.
Environ Youth Essentia C-Quence Serum ($ 118)
"Part of the Youth Essential Line (for people over 35), this skin nourishing serum contains antioxidants that protect and maintain skin integrity and five natural amino acids that act as a non-irritating retinol alternative for rejuvenating the dermis of the skin." - Smith
SkinMedica HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator ($ 120)
"The options in choosing a moisturizing, plump facial serum are endless, but I prefer one that really adds some bounce to the skin and that comes from the formulation. I love SkinMedica's most popular HA serum for its plump, finished look." - Caroline
Kaplan MD Diamond Contour Lifting Rose Quartz Neck Serum ($ 85)
"My friends at Kaplan MD have created a beautiful and luxurious serum that targets the important neck and décollate area. Developed by world-famous Beverly Hills dermatologist Dr. Stuart Kaplan, the Lifting Rose Quartz Neck Serum contains a powerful blend of six anti-aging -Peptides, crushed diamonds and a unique TriActive vitamin complex that visibly smoothes and lifts the skin for a firmer, more youthful effect. "- Smith
The best skin-filling facial mists and toners
Sculplla H2 Stem Cell Nebula ($ 90)
"This is another Korean skincare favorite for replenishing the skin! You can use this product in conjunction with the branded multiserum mentioned above, or add it to your routine with other products you love. It contains two of My Favorite Ingredients Smoothing and replenishing, niacinamide and the same PLLA (bio-stimulator / collagen producer) that is in the serum. This can be used at any time of the day, but I especially love it as a makeup spray for its instant and long-term ability to Replenish. Over time, you will find that the skin's texture and fullness gradually improve. While I'm not a fan of fragrances in skincare, the smell of this product has become a customer favorite.Some of them just sprayed it with the Scent yourself! Fun fact: my mom was the first to spray it on her knees and elbows and we couldn't hear the results hi get away. Most of my customers and employees, including myself, are now too! "- Caroline
Cle Cosmetics Lifting Mist ($ 21)
"Sometimes we just need a little pick-me-up all day, and I love this mist from LA-based brand Cle Cosmetics! This mist uses one of nature's most potent moisturizing and skin-lightening ingredients, tremella fuciformis and its amazing Water retention properties keep the skin deeply hydrated while lifting, tightening and replenishing it. Use it as often as needed and you will literally feel your face tighten with the splash! "- Smith
Le Mieux Essence Toner ($ 24)
"I'm not a fan of toners for everyone. (Yes, I said it!) But if you're looking to bulge, it can help! The best formula should be a moisturizing essence rather than something designed to absorb oil. I prefer applying such an essence after cleansing, when the skin is still damp, so that you really lock in the moisture. Let it soak in before you move on to your serum! This one from Le Mieux has such a beautiful texture. "- Caroline
The best skin care product
The beauty chef Glow Inner Beauty Essential ($ 65)
"I'm not that huge fan of collagen powder, but I'm totally here to take a vitamin C powder supplement that also contains zinc, polyphenols, and phytonutrients as it's a great way to naturally plump your skin We all know the amazing benefits of vitamin C when applied topically, but did you know that when taken internally, it can have a significant impact on the maintenance of skin fibroblasts resulting in firmer, plumper, and more radiant skin ?! "- Caroline
The best skin nourishing face cream
Skinfix Barrier + Triple Lipid Peptide Face Cream ($ 50)
"Plump skin is healthy and hydrated, and a healthy barrier is essential to this equation. The combination of algae hyaluronate, lilly root, and peptides make this moisturizer a wonderful moisturizer. It's perfect for daytime use or to apply to your retinol in the evening!" - Caroline
The best skin nourishing face oils
Li Organics Liquid Amber Concentrated Serum ($ 75)
"For slightly younger skin, I prefer a gentler approach and often rely on Li Organics for my 18- to 25-year-old customers (although it's suitable for all ages). This facial oil is a rich and concentrated serum that nourishes the botanicals Heal, redefine and balance skin at the cellular level. With regular use, the amazing cocktail of ingredients makes skin appear smoother, plumper and more even. Apply one or two pumps of this nourishing oil daily to moisturizer and night treatment on clean and slightly damp skin for maximum absorption. A little goes a long way! "- Smith
The common 100% vegetable squalane ($ 8)
“Not all face oils are made equal, especially if skin plump is your primary goal. Common squalane oil is my favorite. It comes from sources like olive and rice bran, and although squalane production in the skin slows down as you age, if you use it Topping up with topical products like this can make the skin plump and bouncy (i.e., fullness!). Dab a few drops on at the end of your skin routine a few nights a week. "- Caroline
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