Ben Carson Tells U.S. To 'Grow Up' Over Racist Gripes; Stacey Abrams Calls Him 'Infantile'

Emerging democratic star Stacey Abrams seared Ben Carson, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, on Sunday after telling Americans to "grow up" and get over what he believes to be heightened sensitivity to racist news.
Abrams, a Georgia governor candidate in 2018 and potential vice president, chose Carson's attitude as a "child's answer" to ABC's "This Week".
"This is not about growing up," she added. "It is about taking responsibility and taking responsibility for the measures taken by this country and by people who act on behalf of this country."
Carson at the start of the program shook off concerns about the monuments and names of U.S. military bases in honor of the Confederacy and its leaders.
He also pointed out that it was not a big deal when asked by George Stephanopoulus whether it was appropriate for Trump to award the GOP nomination in Jacksonville for the 60th anniversary of a malicious attack by the Ku Klux Klan on black civil rights activists in the City assumes.
"We have reached a point in our society where we disassemble everything and try to attribute a shameful idea to him," Carson complained. “We really have to move away from it. We have to move away from being offended by everything, going through history and looking at everything, you know, renaming everything. "
"It gets really ridiculous after a while," he added. "You know, we have to grow up as a society."
Abrams replied, "I think that's a pretty childish answer - to say that words have no meaning, data has no meaning, data has no power."
She pointed out that last week on the fourth anniversary of the mass shooting of members of the community at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, the Trump administration "lifted" health protection for the LGBTQ community last week. The government lifted a provision of the Affordable Care Act on Friday that extended the ban on sex discrimination to healthcare to transgender patients.
Abrams noted that President Donald Trump was planning a MAGA rally on June 19, June 19, to commemorate the emancipation of blacks from slavery - in Tulsa, the scene of a notorious massacre of black residents in 1921.
Trump changed the date last week, saying he was moved by "African-American friends" to reschedule the rally "out of respect for this holiday."
Check out Carson and Abrams in the video above.
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