Ben Platt Reveals Why It Took 5 Years To Start Dating Boyfriend Noah Galvin: 'I Was Pretty Dumb About It'

Ben Platt / Instagram Noah Galvin and Ben Platt
Ben Platt talks about his relationship with his friend Noah Galvin.
The 27-year-old Dear Evan Hansen star opened up his friendship with Galvin - also famous by Dear Evan Hansen and also 27 - went romantic during Tuesday's appearance on the Kelly Clarkson Show and stated that he only realized his feelings for the actor five Years in their friendship.
“We've been together for a year and a half now,” he explained. "We were friends for five years and right before the pandemic we finally decided to really give it a try. We've been walking around for a long time."
According to Platt, the COVID-19 pandemic brought things to "zero to 60" and the couple started "living in our parents' house with my parents and seeing each other all the time".
"It was a good time in the end," he said.
When presenter Kelly Clarkson remarked that her love story could be "a movie in itself," Platt quipped that Galvin would likely see things differently.
"He won't say it was sudden because I was pretty stupid," joked Platt. "I haven't seen the light in a long time and then I realize, you know, that he was the guy."
Noah Galvin / Instagram Ben Platt (L) and Noah Galvin (R)
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Galvin went public in May 2020 during an episode of the Little Known Facts podcast starring Ilana Levine.
"Ben and I are together," Galvin said at the time. “I asked him this morning, I thought, can we talk about it? And he said, 'Don't go into our details, but yes, people can know.' It's still relatively new. "
Both actors took on the role of the title character in the Tony-winning musical Dear Evan Hansen. Platt also won a Tony for creating the role, which he passed on to Galvin.
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The two are still not only former Evans: Taylor Trensch and Ben Levi Ross are also together and celebrated their three-year anniversary in November.
"I know it's so damn incestuous," Galvin said with a laugh after hostess Ilana Levine pointed out the two couples. "But it makes sense that we all went through the war together. We all feel very connected."
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